Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Anyone who wouldn’t mind flying as a tanker from. YMML to YPDN(CLOSED)

would you mind flying as a tanker?

Hello! Flying around in a KC-10 offering fuel is a voluntary thing, and you shouldn’t go around and ask random members if they’d fly as a tanker. If you can’t refuel in the air, land at another airport and refuel there. Thanks!

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I have PM that member before and wondered if he was flying. but thanks for helping me and supporting the IFC.

Just because you’ve PM a member doesn’t mean you can randomly ask them to fly. Anyway, PM if you want to keep talking!

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@beast_Assassin, @Nashes and @The_Initial_Virus, please note the format that pilots use to notify that they are flying a refuelling mission.

If you are requesting a refuelling then use this thread Refueling Requests Thread


thanks for the help. and for supporting the community


Can I get refuled on the causal server?

Location? Callsign? Need more info!

Actually @Charlie32204 this is the wrong place to ask for a refuel.


To request a refueling.


Meet me at KMUO at 3000 Zulu April 7 please com in an f-16 and copy my FPL. Display name is MOONDOGGIE96
Callsign is N949DM
I will be in a KC 10 with fuel our destination will be KSKA

Not sure what you mean by this time? Zulu time is written by the 24hr time format also know as military time 0000-2359hrs

I feel stupid now I’m sorry I’m not 100% sure on the whole Zulu time thing.

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This should help clear up confusion


Server: Training

Flying from KJFK to KSFO

Tanker Callsign: AIR FORCE 710

Flight Level: FL250

IAS: 280

Base Airport: KFJK
Take off time: 1720Z (10 minutes after posting this: 6:30PM EST)


Will you be going the whole way

Yes sir i will be landing at KSFO

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Great will be joining you in.a f-22 in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Callsgn Air Force 99

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Currently @ FL250 heading towards KSFO @ 280 KIAS, anyone feel free to come get re fueled!


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im coming in a f-22
goin 1300 around speed

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where are you over? I may need to land to refuel