Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Ill be flying to refuel anyone in need COME JOIN ME ALL WELCOME!!!
Training server
Date: 01-23-18
Callsign: RI401SJV
Username: Shawn Vargas
Flightplan: KJFK to KMCO to KAUS
Refueling waypoints:
#1st refuel: JOMIP - KESHA
#2nd refuel: WHITL- PSXLJ

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Taking off from EHLV in ten mins 0315Z… flying pattern of approx 100nm north, left traffic, KDC-10 RNAF, Training server, available for refuelling.

A reminder to all on the format to use for posting of Air to Air refueling flights,all touse to help keep it uncluttered and easy to find information:

Date On Station: (dd/mm/yy)
Time on Station: (use either Zulu time or amount of time you plan to fly for from the time you post)
Server Training : Casual / Training / Server
AAR Area: (geographical Area, ie USA Florida or UK North Sea)
AAR Anchor Waypoint: (Waypoint that you are using as the start of your Air Air refueling, or if you are flying a route mention the waypoint fixes)
Base Airport: (Airport you will take off and land from. Not always the same as your Anchor Waypoint)
Altitude: (Flight Level you will fly at)
Speed: (in KIAS)
Course: (from Anchor point, unless flying route, see above)
Tanker Call sign: (The call sign that you will use so that others can find you)
NOTAM: (Any other information not mentioned above!)

nb PLease note that all coms between Tanker and recievers to be kept to PMs rather than on this thread!

thanks and Happy Landings


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Date On Station: 25/01/2018
Time on Station: 1.5 Hours starting @ 1700hrs Zulu
Server Training : Expert
AAR Area: Netherlands/Germany
AAR Anchor Waypoint:
Base Airport: EHAM
Altitude: FL240
Speed: 220 KIAS
Tanker Call sign: Air Force 403
NOTAM: Counter clockwise track near EDDK. Boom will be extended duration of time on station


Date On Station: 25/01/2018
Time on Station: 3 Hours starting @ 1900hrs Zulu
Server Training : Expert
AAR Area: US NE Atlantic Coast
AAR Anchor Waypoint: HAPIE -> FOLES and KN51A -> HEREK
Base Airport: KWRI
Altitude: FL150
Speed: 220 KIAS
Tanker Call sign: TIGER11
NOTAM: Clockwise track off the east coast of US. Boom will be extended duration of time on station

EDIT: Cancelled due to game crashes

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Date On Station: 26JAN18
Time on Station: 2100Z-2300Z aprox
AAR Anchor Waypoint: KNUC
Base Airport: NALF San Clemente KNUC
Altitude: FL290
Speed: 290 KIAS
Course: proceeding north from KNUC until abeam of KSFO and return
Tanker Call sign: QRA14_TANKER

Providing Tanker Support for any QRA Fighters during Friday Night Flight (Friday Night Flight - Alaska Virgin Merger Masquerade @ KSEA - 261830ZJAN18 ) . Taking off from KNUC and patrolling North parallel to the Coast until abeam of KSFO when turning with Williamson Turn (port then starboard) for return leg.

Follow published procedures for joining (Tanker Talk: Air to Air Refueling Procedures) and leaving tanker aircraft, please only approach when boom is lowered. Flight Spoilers extended indicates emergency breakaway.

Happy Contrails


Date On Station: January 26 2018
Time on Station: 2+HR
Server Training :Training
AAR Area: Western PA up to Lake Erie, and west to Columbus OH
AAR Anchor Waypoint: KPIT circling within the aria I listed
Base Airport: KPIT
Altitude: FL280
Speed: 340KTS
Tanker Call sign: National Guard 3
Also I wooing be there I need to go do something so Aircraft will be on NAV, with boom down


Tanker On Station
Waypoints/AAR Area: Refueling between MUDNE -> SPEAK and DANNI -> GESMY
Time Frame: 1900z-2100z
Altitude: FL150
Server: Expert
Base Airport: KWRI
Callsign: TIGER11
NOTAMs: Clockwise pattern


Date On Station: 31/1/2018

Expected Time on Station: 1HR or so

Server: Training

AAR Anchor Waypoint: N/A


Tanker Callsign:Air Force 91 Heavy

Flight Level:14000-30000

IAS: see Tanker 260-310 Depending on aircraft that needs fuel

Base Airport: KPIT

Take off time: 1240Z

NOTAM; I will be flying at 20000ft as a base height. Once I see someone coming in for fuel I will change my ALT and IAS accordingly for your aircraft. Join up on my left wing prior to refuel and move in when ready for fuel then move to my right wing for break off.

Happy flying.

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Please use the format in the first post. Thanks!

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I on flying on a DC-10 Netherland Army.

Date On Station: February 1st, 2018 (US-Eastern Time: local date)
Expected Time on Station/En-Route: 5-6 Hours
Pilot Call Sign: SkyHigh
Server: Training Server
Tanker Call Sign: Airforce 13 7
Flight Level: 330
Take Off Time: 13:15
For refueling we will get to FL260 every time, and reduce speed to 320 AirSpeed
Youtube Online Stream at:

First Figher Jet:

If you need refueling, come nearby. Below is my flight plan:

"EHAM-OMDB ( DC10 ) / Time: 356 min. ( 5:56 ) / Distance: 2,907 .NM ( 5,377 km. / 3,341 ml. )

FROM : Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe.
TO : Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asia.

Fuel:127,865 lbs. + 73,000 lbs. for others refueling / Passengers: ( 0% ) 0 (0 lbs. ) / Cargo: 0 lbs.

Cruise-Speed: 0.82 Mach / Cruise-ALT: FL330

Depart: EHAM EDUPO NAPRO 5151N/604E 5146N/613E 5138N/627E

T-O-C: 5125N/651E ( GS: 499 .NM ) ( Ascend: +2751 ft/min. )

Cruise: 5124N/653E GMH 5104N/760E TESGA 5004N/947E KEMES 4839N/1335E 4835N/1348E PESAT 4743N/1702E TEGRI 4616N/2106E 4555N/2147E NEKUL 4446N/2440E 4403N/2630E 4403N/2630E 4222N/2938E 4222N/2937E 4200N/3101E 4200N/3100E 4150N/3139E 4142N/3209E 4140N/3214E 4139N/3219E 4136N/3230E TEPKI 4121N/3314E 4118N/3323E ERGUN SIV 3935N/3722E 3927N/3738E ARPUT EZS DYB 3717N/4058E LESRI 3704N/4114E 3634N/4141E 3635N/4140E 3517N/4255E 3430N/4339E SOGUM 3332N/4437E 3322N/4448E NOLDO 3238N/4535E 3223N/4551E ILMAP 3050N/4730E SIDAD 2951N/4832E DESLU NANPI 2905N/4932E 2833N/5011E IMDAT DURSI 2705N/5215E 2634N/5308E 2616N/5339E 2605N/5358E 2605N/5357E 2555N/5359E 2549N/5413E 2539N/5420E

T-O-D: 2539N/5422E ( GS: 441 .NM ) ( Descend: -2353 ft/min. )

Arrive: 2535N/5435E 2531N/5447E 2527N/5458E 2522N/5507E 2514N/5516E 2509N/5524E 2507N/5528E 2505N/5532E 2503N/5536E 2500N/5540E 2458N/5543E 2456N/5547E 2460N/5549E 2502N/5546E 2504N/5542E 2506N/5538E OMDB

Anyone want a refuel? in south florida now. in south florida going between FLL - DAB - TPA 16hours of gas left.

Please use the proper format for posting regarding your AAR:

Date On Station: DDMMMYYY

Expected Time on Station: from HHMMZ : to HHMMZ or Length of time ie 1hr

Server: Casual / Training / Expert

AAR Anchor Waypoint: Name of Waypoint(s) that you use as your anchor point

AAR Area: Geographical area of operation

Tanker Callsign:

Flight Level:

IAS: see Tanker Tutorials for details of FL and IAS to use

Base Airport: Where you will be taking off from
Take off time: in Zulu time tohelp with world wide co-ordination

NOTAM: Any additonal notes

This applies to you as well @Adam_williams1

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To post requests, please use this thread:

Date On Station: 02072018 ~ 02082018Z

Expected Time on Station: from 1600Z : 16hr

Server: Casual


AAR Area: US Mainland

Tanker Callsign: C2H4W

Flight Level: FL230

IAS: see Tanker Tutorials for details of FL and IAS to use

Base Airport: KEDW

Take off time: about 1600Z

NOTAM: Any additonal notes

Have a good day.

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Roger. Are you still active.

Do you want to try refuelling with me

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Because this is my first time I’ll try it on casual server as I’m not going to get any violations because I’m nearing my grade 3

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I can do some refuelling too will you be tanker or fighter jet?

I don’t mind I’ll be the tanker

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