Refuelers || Tracking Thread


In anticipation of the many threads that will be coming out, it will be best to unclutter the forum. If you will be flying around in a specific area, please post it here in the following format:

Date On Station: DDMMMYYY

Expected Time on Station: from HHMMZ : to HHMMZ or Length of time ie 1hr

Server: Casual / Training / Expert

AAR Anchor Waypoint: Name of Waypoint(s) that you use as your anchor point

AAR Area: Geographical area of operation

Tanker Callsign:

Flight Level:

IAS: see Tanker Tutorials for details of FL and IAS to use

Base Airport: Where you will be taking off from
Take off time: in Zulu time tohelp with world wide co-ordination

NOTAM: Any additonal notes


This will make sure that there won’t be hundreds of threads of people who will be refueling. Thank you all and Please utilise this thread!!

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Does it really work?


The refueling? Of course it does, refer here:


Wow nice im looking forward to that cause im a ios user :)


Who’s going to be the first to do a mega chain of KC-10s refueling each other?


Hey guys I can fly the DC10F and everyone else could be possibly other DC10F’s or F22


Ooh, our first request for a refueling chain! I’m likin the flow, let’s set a record!


Hey folks currently in the air on EXPERT SERVER in the KC-10 flying to Hawaii PHNG callsign is Airforce 798 currently located about 65 nm west of KLAX currently at FL300 will decend to FL 250 for fighters and Fl180 for C130 speed will be 280IAS


ALT. 20000

I’m in the KC10 with my book down now! Probably only going to be available for the next hour.

EDIT: I’ve exited


@Tyler_Shelton… MaxRequests : With The announcement of the December update and its KC-10 addition I note a plethora of unrelated/unlinked Refueling Topics due to individual uncoordinated interests. I suggest guidence be issued requirering Linking and or a the establishment of a seperate Feature for this specific soon to be popular area, Everybody has a bright idea apparently w/o coordination. The wheat is being mixed with the chaff. This Topic is a bright idea, but it needs and FDS Imprimatur. Regards.
(Info: @Arjun_Dayal)


Fair enough. Tyler, I agree with Max’s statement. Feel free to do whatever you so choose to the thread.


A suggestion I have is to do a holding pattern at a certain Fix, just fly outbound for longer.


I’ve got a Tanker up circling Reno for the next few hours. It’s flying a 5 Leg Pattern where each leg is 100mi long. It’ll be up for 20hrs. FL250, 240KIAS.

Global V2 Expert


What server @GHamsz?


I’m flying over the Houston area right now. I will be circling for around 2 hours. Refueling services available KC-10

Causal Server
Good place to spawn: KEFD

ALT: 25000
Airspeed: 240


Thanks @GHamsz !


What’s your call sign?


NJRR20. Currently above KIAH


Don’t see you! I’m over kiah now.


Ugh I just realized im in causal. Sorry about that.