Refuel on taxiway?

So I just finished a flight from LAX-ANC and was very low on fuel for the whole flight. I used simbrief to plan my flight, and was sure that I could make it without a problem. I was arriving at ANC and had 1% fuel left. I was thinking about diverting but had no suitable airport to land on other than ANC. Surprisingly, I landed safely and had to taxi to my parking. In the middle of doing so, my plane runs out of fuel. The only practical solution is to set the parking brakes, and refuel. Was this what I should have done? Or did this take the realism out of the game? Pls leave suggestions :)

Well yes if theres traffic then this is exactly what you should have done. If not you can call it quits and exit the flight. Refueling on the taxiway is something I do if I forget to pack fuel for the trip and ill do it while holding short.


If it’s between that and blocking the taxiway for an extended period of time so they could “roll the (imaginary) fuel trucks” then yes.


Alright then, so next time i would immediately refuel on the taxiway then :)

Just a tip, to prevent this, pack some extra fuel before you depart, SimBrief won’t always be right :)

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Yep, thats totally my fault. I only put 1000lbs of extra fuel…

I mean not realistic, but then again probably no one would have known if you hadn’t told us…

So no worries…


Should have kept that to myself then…

SimBrief is only as good as the models used. If you find yourself climbing or cruising faster than the profile they use, you can add a fuel bias with the P01,P05, etc. (P05, for example, would add an extra 5 percent of fuel to their estimates, M05 would subtract 5 percent)


If you don’t mind me asking, what is fuel bias, P01, P05? Would like to know for future flight planning.

Im pretty new to SimBrief soo…

It’s a percentage that can be added or subtracted from their fuel calculations (P will add a certain percentage, M would subtract a percentage).

This is used when you find that their estimates are a little low. For example, they use a climb and descent profile with certain speeds, or perhaps their pax numbers aren’t exactly the same. If you always use a little more than they suggest, you can add a percentage of whatever their total is by choosing something like P05. This would be 5 percent extra.

You can also just add reserverve fuel by adding an extra half hour of fuel, or an hour. Whatever gets you there without being too heavy.

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If you’re asking whats the most realistic, since I never come across anything like this on the news (but I’ve done it myself in IF, lol!), I’m guessing at two scenarios:

  • You will get towed. In which case, the closest thing to do is to use the pushback feature in such a way to get refueled on a maintenance gate tail first, then continue taxi to your designated arrivals gate nose first.

  • You will get fired/suspended, and the relieve crew will take over from there while you’re on your way to the office to get burned. In which case, the closest thing to do in IF is to exit your flight from wherever the authorities picked you up (on the runway).

Dunno, maybe the first scenario is more closer? :D


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