Refuel Mission! @ KAWD - 212000ZJAN18

Server: Casual

Region: North America

Airport: Joint Base Andrews (KADW)
Destination Raleigh Durham Airport (KRDU)

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: We will be takeing off from Joint Base Andrews (KADW) Flying South when we are 69 NM from Destination we will start refuel.
If you want to join please tell us if you want to be in the F16-C or be a refuel guy.


More gates will be added if needed.


Max is two.



Please follow the event guidelines 😉🙂

Ps… There is also a refueling tracking thread if you would like to post there.

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Is it still available and if it is can I join

Yeah but I’ll have to schedule it for tomorrow at 2000Z

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