REFUEL in a coast of KSFO (Closed)

Hi everyone.
I’ll be flying for next hours at a line (go&back) 150-200Nm from a coast of KSFO in a route to PHNL for a REFUEL service.
Expert server.
Callsign: Air Force 138 Heavy.
Aircraft: DC-10
Zone: West coast of KSFO. Around BAART fix
Altitudes/Speeds for refueling service

Answer in this thread if you need.
Good flight for all.

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What time is it ending?

Might move this to. Refueling Requests Thread
Cheers and enjoy!

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no have time determinated for ending. I´ll be around BAART fix

The following thread is for the refuelers 😉


What server is this on?

expert server

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