Refreshed app design

I´d like to see a refreshed app design (the new IF colors, light blue/orange, new working links…)


I quite like the interfact ATM as it is, but we do need updated links eg.

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Wasn’t it upgraded 2 years ago or so? Menu is quite easy to navigate and it doesn’t need to get any more flowery and possibly more complicated IMO. However, yes links and the like need to be updated and certain ones removed/added


The links don’t work, so they should be removed.

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Check Matt’s Instagram for clues. That’s all I’m saying.


I think the new world map will be part of it. Like the way matt posted the one with the dots over. Also it would be great if they put the events on the menu screen.☺

If that world map really is the background, I just want to say I called it.

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But I said it firsts

Dude I said it when he first showed the picture.

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Ok you win😂

But I called it if the events are put into the menu so they remind people.

I think what we do need as pilots is an FPL screen with overlapping terrain and weather, of course with the option to toggle these features on and off of course.

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