Reflections on Global

Hey everybody, I haven’t been active on here in a good while so cheers to new people around, good to see the community still thriving. I just wanted to announce I’ve finished a really long trip and I want to tell everyone how cool it was.

I have just finished my first “flight” since global came out last year. In October, as soon as the big update hit, I left my home airport of KSNA in a Cessna 172 with the intention of circumnavigating the world. Once I got to Saint Petersburg, though, I kind of felt like I was missing out on Europe so I backtracked all the way to Spain, and then things really went wild from there. After 42,445nm and 125 legs in my 172 through 5 continents I just landed back at KSNA to complete the thing last week, looks like a little over 9 months.

So- I didn’t get my turn to rave about global, you know since I just finished my first flight and all, so let me say this is really awesome. I highly recommend long treks in a cessna, it’s a great geography lesson and a pretty interesting challenge. Thanks to @Maxmustang for joining me for a leg or two several months ago in the maritime provinces of Canada (he nailed the landing), and a couple others who are no longer active here.

Finally, a 9-month belated thank you to Laura, Phillipe, and everyone else for making this an amazing sim.

As far as I can tell from my ipad, the world outside is quite beautiful. Don’t take it for granted.

Peace, Chris


Glad to have you back buddy… please do share some of your stories of which there must be many!


Hey thanks, good to be back!

Stories, I could do that… I actually took screen shots all the way so I have like 1,000 pictures… Let’s see, a few quick:

  • Stupidest idea: Landing at Lukla, Nepal. I did land and take off successfully, not pretty though.
  • Nearest miss was in Portugal, went a little sideways and almost touched a wing in a crosswind landing but survived.
  • Biggest success was a landing in Greenland on my first trans-Atlantic leg. I had waited a couple days because the winds were like 30 kts, finally found a calmer day and took off, 4 hours later I’m about to land and the winds were back to 25, gusting to 33 or something like that, but I absolutely nailed it, that was cool.
  • Biggest mistake- I had to cross India twice after realizing my plan to go via a little atoll in the indian ocean was questionable for fuel, that added a few days.
  • Biggest disappointment- Ayer’s rock for sure. Sorry Australia, I’m not impressed, it’s kind of just a red lump on a red plain.
  • Prettiest places to see from an ipad- Kodiak, Alaska; the coast of North Vietnam; Labrador.
  • Second-biggest success: Still a gainfully employed 30-something year old, despite logging 500+ hours in a virtual cessna over the last 9 months

What an amazing journey! I’m really impressed.


Thanks my friend, glad you’re still here. You can think of this post as an acceptance speech for the “longest attention span” award


I give you full stars for that. I’ve never even been able to come close to landing there successfully 😂


Just…WOW! Really nice! Please share your top screenshots!

I admit I had to practice a few times in solo first, it’s close enough to impossible that it was definitely stupid, basically all about crashing into the numbers from a stall with the brakes on


Chris this is amazing! Mind if we share this on social media? How do we find you on twitter and Instagram?


Hey Jason! Love the podcast, glad to hear from you. My twitter is kind of just politics and NHL hockey and I don’t have instagram, but I could probably cook something up.You can DM me, would love to chat!


With C172 is great too apreciate the global, and scenary, and details. Congratulations!


Did lat Lon fixes work out for you?
It was a while ago last we talked about them.

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Ha! Yeah that’s right, they certainly have worked out for me. I planned each leg as thoughtfully as possible with Foreflight, so I’ve become a master of speed multiplying by 0.6 :)


Sooo cool! Thank you for sharing! :)


Maby you can give @anon93248082 some tips about going from NA to Greenland 😂


Just head to Halifax, turn left, keep going til it gets too cold then turn right, gas up and go man! Lol I’m guessing there’s a story there… Extra wide runways and a bit of luck, that’s all I have for ya


Thank you Laura! You’ve built quite a thing here, thanks for everything.


The last few posts here should sum my coment up well… 😂


You actually crossed the world in a 172!? That is actually incredible!


I’ll be heading to greenland starting Monday, finally have some time to do this. Great story!! My next adventure will probably be going from Alaska to South America