Reflection of the Plane on the engines

Hello IFC

Today I will be suggesting a feature that has never been requested before.
I kinda think this will have split decisions and if so please do not argue.

About this request

I feel like the lack of realistic reflections brings the quality down a bit.
Right now the reflections on the planes engines are just blue skies with clouds.Even on the ground too!
So I want to see the planes body being reflected as in my opinion the quality of the game would improve and it would be a cool sight.
I also think it wouldn’t be too hard to implement but I’m not the one behind all of the development so I may be wrong.

Credit Pinterest

Look closely and you will see a nice reflection of this aeroflots Body!

Leave your thoughts below!

  • Feedback,whether it’s negative or positive is appreciated

  • Any issues spotted than please tell me!

  • Do not argue and go off topic!

Don’t forget the link for that image!


Would be cool to add this with all the 4K textures and wing flex coming to all the reworks/new planes!
Though I doubt it would ever come…


This looks amazing but I think it’s still a ways off.

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I don’t lol
I prefer voting for requests I like rather than my own

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