Refined Freecam

I’m not sure if this applies just to me, but don’t you hate it when you have to go settings and turn off the Airport Names, Player Name, and Player Box icon just to get a good picture in Freecam mode?

To show you how it works, here is a random picture I took. One with airport names and other players’ names, and one with all the display settings turned off.

If possible, I wish that a new freecam mode would be added (or the current one improved) in which all the small display icons would disappear while taking a photo and reappear once you go back to cockpit/normal mode. It would make IF photography much easier.

Isn’t it easier just to crop it…?


Yeah, but wouldn’t it just be easier not to…?


Well some icons, like the names of the other players, would still show up even after cropping it. I need to keep it on whenever I get on group flights.

Just disable the names and squares in the “Live” section of settings. Voila!


I had suggested a 4th page view on the status bar that would do that too. It would keep the pilot from pausing the game to change timeout settings of controls. No one seemed interested in the feature. I wish you luck on your feature request. It’s a good one.

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Well you can’t always do that all time time, right? There has to be an easier way :)

Yeah, I always get amazed at some landscapes and have to take a pic of it but I also always have to pause it.

I just have them turned off all the time.

I get what you’re requesting. I just thinks is a big tad bit of waste with resources :)


Would seem to me that the servers could do with less pausing rather than more.

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I have them turned off all the time as well. If I ever need to see who someone is, I go to the map. I still think this is a reasonable request though, it’d help in getting a nice shot that you might otherwise not have taken in time.

When you crop it, it tends to become more blurry. I would love to see what he’s requesting as I would use it (especially when filming videos)

I like to keep plane names on especially in s group flight as I can control my distance to the plane in front but on a solo flight will switch them off

Is this what you’re requesting more or less. Same problem but slightly different solution…?

Than turn off player names