Reference source for flaps speed

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Is there a site used to get the speeds to deploy each of the flaps at? I get a lot of different results from different sources when i do a general google search. Is there a site which is preferred/reputable amongst you guys?

On infinite flight checklists, when you buy the pro version, there are flap settings added in the approach checklist section. I’m sure by scrapping around on google as well if you don’t want to pay the money you’d find something, try for example for, an a380, the airbus website page on the aircraft.

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The Airbus A320 family’s cockpit quality is good enough that you can read it on the instrument panel if you zoom in.


This is a really great website made by @Jan which details the flaps speed limits of each aircraft in the simulator:


thanks man really needed this

Extremely useful. Credit to @Jan

You can search it up online. There are some limitation flashcards around and those usually have the limits. Just know that you don’t have to extend flaps at the limit. You can wait until AoA gets high. The only important one is the one for landing flaps since you want that early (and before engaging APPR if you use that or it throws you off)

Also any aircraft with a decently modeled cockpit has max flap speeds listed in the cockpit somewhere, but its good to have them memorized anyways.

Be inspired, this document is an adaptation to infinite flight :
It’s easier with a real Airbus because it shows you when to shot flaps 1, 2, 3, F etc. And it will control speed for you.

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There is a placard in the A321 with flaps limits so there’s no need for something like that

Yes they are max speeds not ideal speeds.
With an Airbus auto throttle sets speed to 210 kt before approach. And waits for you for flaps 1 at -O around 193 kt. And waits for you again for flaps 2 at -S around 178 kt. And waits for you again at -F around 147 kts for gear down flaps 3 and full. And finally sets to 135 kt for the A320.
Yes you don’t really need such a schedule with a flight sim that manages -O -S and -F managed speeds. Those speeds may vary in function of weight it’s automatically applied.
And the link I provided masks the problem when glide is near: in Infinite Flight the plane jumps up then dives down abruptly in the slope and oscillates.

Let’s sum-up this post in one graphic

Legend A320 & co (A320 here):

In PFD, V1 at -1 mark and VR at -O mark in the IAS speed (throttle TOGA):

Gear up climbing 18° (the -S mark in PFD, throttle is about to be reduced to engage auto-throttle)

In PFD flaps up speed at -S 181 kt (auto-throttle has been engaged):

In ND top of descent (white arrow) target altitude preselected in A/P (but not already engaged):

210 kt before catching ILS localizer (going around altitude is preset in case of):

In PFD -O speed auto-throttle waits for flaps 1 at 193 kt:

In PFD -S speed auto-throttle waits for flaps 2 at 180 kt (the 2 autopilots are engaged):

Around 2000 ft AGL 175 kt gear down and auto-throttle will wait at 141 kt anyways:

Then flaps 3 auto-throttle will wait at 140 kt anyways (note that you can land in flaps 3 on a long runway):

Then flaps F at -F speed and auto-throttle brings the plane at 135 kt for landing:

You can now perform an autolanding with the 2 A/P engaged. Or disengage A/P for a manual final (there’s auto-trim so don’t bother).
You can also perform the all things manually from 5000 ft (like a pilot). It’s very very very easy with an Airbus. The only thing you have to do is to follow the FD (green cross in PFD). Piece of cake.

I forgot 2 things, minor errors, which ones?

Credits: screenshots form another iOS flight sim

This is the 3000 ft ILS interception (often in Europe).
You can intercept at 2000 ft (USA especially) (so flaps 1 & 2 are already deployed, speed around 175 kt). When entering glide gear down etc.
Without ILS you are at 2000 ft 175 kt and at 6.7 Nm you set -3° (it’s possible with an Airbus impossible with IF) gear down etc. The method is efficient for Nice or Madeira curve approach.

  • You have to be steady at 1000 ft
  • Clear weather you disengage A/P at 5000 ft to manually finish
  • Generally you make an auto approach and disengage A/P at 1000 ft
  • Very weak visibility you have to perform an auto-landing

Oh yeah the dreaded bobbing when deplying flaps with APPR
If I need to autoland cuz I’m inclass or something I just set 160 and Flaps full before I intercept lol

Are you more a believer of flaps are speed dependent or position dependent? Seen mixed views on here, just curious what your thoughts are on this?

Remember a few users a while ago saying when instructed to not exceed 180 knots by approach quite a distance away from final they wouldn’t lower the flaps, but i feel thats when the plane starts pitching up and bobbing uncontrollably if on AP.

Speed lol
Flaps 3 at 160 is actually fine, but I need to select Flaps F, or otherwise when I select Flaps F later the plane will start bobbing.

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Nothing seems to stop the bobbing on the 747 for me - on final in particular, looks a disgrace to watch back.

Can u share a replay of it? Could make it easier to get some help to you more efficiently 😁 @n587kk

747 doesn’t have APPR though. I disconnect AP between 1000 and 2000 unless I’m autolanding.

Is there a way to upload a screen recording of the replay here?

Yes, I would assume so, if not you could use slack/discord