Refer a friend rewards scheme


I think users of infinite flight should get rewards if they refer a certain amount of people to infinite flight. I have alot of people I could refer but think what do I gain from this. A Refer a friend scheme would reward people that increase the infinite flight family. Rewards could be discounts on subscriptions, so many days for free, or even as high as a free month of infinite flight if you bring alot of people on board.


If you refer people on IFC, you get awards. But, I don’t really see it as a way to get “items” in the game.


It’s actually not a bad feature request, since Your friend pops FDS 5€ + subscriptions.


I don’t understand what you mean? I was trying to get the point across that alot of my friends who are not on the community and like flying simulators. I know off the top of my head I could get around 15 people right away to subscribe to infinite flight. Now say my 15 friends subscribe, that’s 15 x £5.00 to purchase the initial app which totals £75.00 and let’s say they each select the £10.00 per month subscription 15 x £10.00 is £150.00 in a way I have just earnt £225 for Infinite Flight, there should be a reward system put in place for this. £225 what difference is a free £10.00 monthly subscription going to make a difference.


Why does it have to be monetary… What about getting 5000 XP out of it.


Why 5k XP though? If I don’t have a subscription, what’s the point?

Plus that could just be a side-reward.


You wouldn’t be receiving any money though. There’s limitless options you could bring to the table for a idea like this. Even getting your callsign highlighted in game for a certain time period.


Obviously it should work on a tier type system, the more people you refer and join the greater the rewards.


I would just peronally like for people to stop thinking about money when it comes to stuff like this.

While majority of the people would use it correctly, you have a population that will do whatever it takes to cheat the system. Open multiple gmail accounts, sign up, do whatever, all to save some cash. Then they never fly on those other accounts again. Its the nature of online anything. It has to be taken into consideration.

This is the same sim that had pilots putting forks on their devices to try to leave the region. Or people exploiting bugs to fly backwards for 24 hours straight without using fuel.

If it does happen I suggest there be a waiting period. After 3 months you get something, etc. This will help to discourage cheating with the process.


If you are truly a fan of something you would not need money or a reward to promote it. I love VW group products, Apple, Infinite Flight etc enough to recommend it and promote it in any way I can as I know people will love it. I don’t need money or anything else for doing that.


Ah, that is true…
However, I would say that they have to download the app with the new gmail account and pay 5€.

On the other hand, a rainbow callsign would be nice. P L E A S E


Can people please get the idea of money out of there head, I have not once stated that users of IF should be paid money.


I think this is what people were referring to. Not saying that FDS is going to mail you a check.


Putting on my cold and calculated business mind on. This is how i would set up a rewards scheme

  1. 4 days if the referred user signs up for a month
  2. 15 days if the referred user signs up for 6 months
  3. 1 month if the referred user signs up for a 1 year.


This idea, when cleverly setup, can help both IF and it’s players. Personal referrals and demos from enthusiastic players, is the best marketing IF can have.

I see nothing wrong with money (or free subscription weeks/months) as an incentive, as many here are still in school, and an IF subscription doesn’t come cheap.

I will consider a vote for this.


The issue I see with this idea is that it seems like it could form a pyramid-esque scheme, which, last time I checked, was illegal.