Hey guys,

Currently Opened: CYAM

Tower and ground, come fly!

Hello there peoples,

I am opening CYAM again, I haven’t ever really got much traffic here. Come fly! Do patterns, and do short hops to KANJ and KCIU!

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I will come as N622RS in a Cessna 172

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Sorry you just had to witness that

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Don’t worry about it XD

I am coming in the 787-8
Callsign: SKJ01

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Don’t worry about it @PocketAviation

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My bad. Wasn’t paying attention!

Hmm…I’m guessing something happened…? Lol

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Hi Reese,your controlling was very good, I had to leave but it was perfect for me.


Come fly peoples I am opening momentarily at Sault Ste. Marie!

Temporarily closed, will reopen within the hour. Sorry!!!

Sorry, I’m back open now, come fly! I’ve never really got much traffic at this airport.

Now closed, thank you to the awesome DLVA pilots that attended!!!

DLVA is number one

Open at CYAM now everyone! Come fly and do some patterns, or do mini hops to surrounding airports! Feedback would be appreciated!

EDIT: Visibility is extremely low. I may switch airports.

Oh yeah it’s almost impossible to see no Taf not good

The weather is clearing up a little, now it’s 1/4 mile vis; still fairly bad tho

@Joeoreilly77 Do you know how to do a pattern properly? You’re a Grade 5, you should know this stuff. You don’t say departing straight out then say going around. You say remaining in the pattern.


Temporary close, will reopen soon.

oh yeah but I was messing around