Reer104's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED)

Hello all, I have recently passed my practical and am now an IFATC member!

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Im coming!

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Alright @reer104! Pretty good overall, but a few things, and if I say anything wrong @Kevinsoto1502 can correct me:

I felt that some of the landing clearances were a bit late. Especially the last one, I was already turning base.

You gave me the direction of traffic when clearing me for the option on my first touch and go. This isn’t needed. You already gave me the direction on takeoff so I knew to make left traffic. On my first touch and go after the runway change you did it again, but I knew to make right traffic since you already gave me the direction when you changed my runway (Remember, you only have to give left/right traffic on takeoff, if it’s the first landing and the plane already doesn’t have the direction from takeoff, or if it’s a runway change)

Speaking of, runway change was perfect! I did it to test you and you nailed it. Perhaps a bit late on the clearance, but this was perfect.

On the final landing, I think you cleared me 3 times. You did it once, then again when you sent the other guy around, and then again when I reported a full-stop landing. Reminder: The option includes landings, touch and go’s, full-stop landings…I didn’t need to be cleared again, I was just letting you know I was gonna stop flying. Not sure about the 2nd clearance either, I was already cleared once.

Other than that, nothing else! Just remember these things and practice up a bit more and the practical shouldn’t be a problem!

Actually if instructed to make left traffic for example he doesnt need to reclear you for left traffic unless runway is changed and a new traffic pattern is required. Also for @reer104 when a plane announces touch and go after they have been cleared for the option or taken off for pattern work good message sending avoid duplicate and alrdy cleared. Also when ask for full stop simply say rgr implying you acknowledge that hes not going to be doing TAG anymore

This is what I said. He told me to make left traffic when I was coming to make a TAG, but he already told me to make left traffic on takeoff, so I said it wasn’t needed.

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It was a good session despite poor connection issues, just a tip that you shouldn’t send traffic direction on clearance if the aircraft is staying at the same pattern. Other than that it was good from what I saw, you got transition altitude right aswell

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I see I made the mistake multiple times with all three of you of instructing which directions traffic to go after clearing, which I now see is not needed as you were already instructed the first time. I will take this into account and know better next time. If I cleared you multiple times to land, that was an internet issue as it wouldn’t show up on my phone if you had already been cleared or not. I understand now when to instruct a new direction of traffic. I highly appreciate your feedback it is very helpful to my learning. Thank you all so much for coming out and I hope to see you at the next session!


Hey guys! I’m open at KMSY right now. Come by for pattern work, flying in or out, or even transitions! The Louisiana Bayou is looking good today.

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I am now closed, thanks to all who came by.

Ah, ok good to know. Thanks for telling me. How is ATC supposed to know when you are at or less than 250 away from hold short?

Hey y’all! I just opened at KAUS! Be sure to come by the midnight Texas hills.

Well done. No complaints.

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Thank you very much! It was a pleasure having you fly with me.

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No noticeable issues. You handled sequencing well. N428OP.

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Thanks! You were wonderful in the CCX.

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KAUS is now closed, thanks to all who came out.

Hey guys, I am now open at KJAN. See the top of the thread for airport info. I am taking my practical tomorrow so I am trying to get in one last session for practice. Give me your all!

Sorry, I had to close but I will try to be back sometime tonight.

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Howdy y’all, I am open at KAUS right now to train for the practical. Be sure to come by!

Reer u still open or

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