RedWolf's Airport Editing Thread

Welcome to my airport editing thread! Here, you can see the current airports I’m making and their status!


Escalante Municipal Airport, UT (IL7) - Released

Short Description

Escalante Airport is a small municipal airport in the town of Escalante, UT. Tucked away in the cliffs, mountains, and slot canyons of beautiful Utah, you can enjoy flying everything from a Cessna 172 to a TBM 930!

Jefferson County International Airport, WA (0S9) - Rework complete, ready for release

Short Description

Welcome to the beautiful waters of Washington! Tucked away in Port Townsend lies this little GA airport, suitable for a TBM 930 and in a beautiful location. Enjoy tie downs, and hangars! This airport is special to me because I used to fly in a little Bonanza all the time here, and it brings me good memories!

Wenatchee Pangborn Memorial Airport, WA (KEAT) - Released

Short Description

Totally opposite from the Puget Sound, you have Eastern Washington! Once you cross the cascades, the scenery drastically changes, and in the dry mountains lies Wenatchee. Famous for skiing and apples, Wenatchee has a lot to offer! Enjoy flying a Cessna 172, a Challenger 350, or even an E175 to the small terminal, as there is one commercial flight to this mountain town! Seattle (SEA) and back.
WIP shots: KEAT - Work In Progress

St. George Regional Airport (KSGU) (Collab with @United403) - Ready for release
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St. George Regional is a small airport located in the town of St. George, Utah. Here, you can enjoy flying GA aircraft, biz jets, or the CRJ regional jet (sometimes there’s also a rare occurrence of an E175.) Oh and did I forget stunning terrain? You’ll find lots of that at SGU. Definitely one of my favorite airports I’ve made.

Sunriver Resort, OR (S21) - Ready for release

Short Description

Ever dreamed of having a private jet flying to a fancy resort? Or your own home on an airport? Well now’s your chance! Once this airport is released, it will include 10 hangar homes with ramp space, along with an FBO suitable for 4 Challenger 350s, and 5 more TBM 930s or smaller. This airport also includes 4 large hangars and 55 tie downs! And yes, this is a resort airport, so you can feel like you’re going on your own little vacation!
WIP shots: RedWolf's Airport Editing Thread - #2 by RedWolf

Friday Harbor Airport (KFHR) - Ready for release

Short Description

The San Juan Islands. A popular destination for Washingtonians and tourists alike, Friday Harbor has a rich history, and is the largest town in the San Juans. At this airport you can enjoy GA flying, or flying the Kenmore Air C208 to and from BFI and Orcas Island. You can also enjoy one cargo flight, a FedEx C208 from SEA and back.

Bellingham International Airport (KBLI) - Ready for release

Short Description

Bellingham is a beautiful airport in the PNW located just south of Vancouver. This airport will have the largest terminal I’ve ever made, and can support up to an A320/737. This airport is great for biz jets and GA, but it is also served by Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Horizon to destinations such as Seattle, Vegas, Denver, Oakland, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles! I hope people will enjoy this airport whenever it comes out!

Bremerton National Airport (KPWT) - Work in progress

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If you have any questions or would like some extra WIP shots please DM me!


S21 WIP shots!


I’ve watched countless GA and private jet aircraft land and takeoff there over the years, nice to see it get some attention!


Cant wait for KEAT!!

like for the cat

emmmm,i love them

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More S21 houses are ready!



S21 is about to be sent for official review. With that, I’m starting a new airport. So, I’ve selected two C208 powerhouses that will go up in a vote tomorrow to decide which airport I’ll work on. Hope you guys will enjoy.


Ooo cant wait!!

Hello all! I’m planning to send S21 to an official review tomorrow. With that, I’m starting a new airport. With the news of the new C208, I’ve decided between 2 Caravan powerhouses, Orcas Island (KORS) and Friday Harbor (KFHR). Both are in the San Juans in Washington, and as I said, are mainly used by Kenmore Air Caravans! If you’d like to vote which airport I’ll do between those two, please do so! Please do note that KFHR does have slightly more Caravan ops whilst KORS has more fun terrain. You decide!

Orcas Island Airport: Orcas Island Airport - Wikipedia

Friday Harbor Airport: Friday Harbor Airport - Wikipedia

  • Friday Harbor (KFHR)

  • Orcas Island (KORS)

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Voting ends at 0400Z

Hope y’all don’t mind if I bump this topic 😂

Bumping one more time in the last 2 hours of the vote!

And with that, voting has now closed. And I’m excited to say, my next airport will be FRIDAY HARBOR!

Will try and get started on Friday. Thanks to all who voted and I’m excited to get to work on FRD. I’ll keep you posted!

Cant wait such a beautiful little airport!

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Work on FHR is beginning! I’m so excited to get this beauty of an airport worked on and finished sometime in the next month or two. Hope you guys will enjoy it! I’ll share WIPs on here too.


Just like that, the 2D rework for Friday Harbor has already been finished 🤗.


FHR’s terminal is complete!

(Subject to change)


Wow! Is there going to be a fence between the car park and the terminals?

Yup! That’ll be added at the very end of my editing once all the buildings are done.

Oh ok. Cool (10char)