Redwings VA is looking for staff and pilots!

Hi there!

You may have seen my new VA, Redwings.

I’m looking for a few staff members:

  • Event leader (must have live, leads events): @Tom-Bonfield
  • Photographer (takes photos at events, gives me photos for the website)
  • Logo designer (makes a cool logo, ours is pretty bad atm)

Hope to see interest!



I’d love to make logos… But I’m horrible at them maybe I’ll give it a shot and post it at the slack

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That would be cool, thanks!

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Please don’t spam asking for staff etc. Use the old thread. Check the pinned item in the VA category


Maybe try SketchFlight?

What’s that? :)

Hi, Giacomo id like to be in charge of codeshares at your airline, along with being ceo at mine

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nevermind, ill just stay in charge of mine, im to busy, sorry. Good Luck

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Okay, PM me your email and I can add you as the codeshare manager at my va. :)

Alright then you will be the Codeshare Manager at mine, because we will each manage each others codeshares.

You are the Codeshare Director for my VA venture airways, and im the codeshare director for your VA Redwings Arlines Good luck.

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For a logo designer you could contact @Nick_Art. Some of the less available people include skyhawk heavy himself, and @ifsm.

Okay, thanks!

SketchFlight is a little designing company for IF VAs providing VA help, logos, liveries, and websites. If you want to know more PM @Skylines

Okay, thanks!