Redwings is looking for a long haul manager

Redwings virtual airline is looking for a long haul manager. What does it involve?

  • Making routes for us, submitting them to me (this mat be on hold, it will start again after global).
  • Answering pilots questions about long haul.
  • A chat admin on our Slack channel.

What are the requirements?

  • You should be grade 3 or above if you have live (if you have solo, just say so).
  • You must be a member or above on the forum.
  • You should have knowledge of Slack, and of atc commands on live.

Please PM me your email, and an answer to the above questions. I’ll get back to you if you make it. If you aren’t chosen, remember you can always become a standard pilot. 😊


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You made 4 topics about your VA in the last 27 days! Please don’t spam and stay on one topic.


You’re hiring staff. You have a staff topic.
Use that.

why me I’m not on this VA :p

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That’s an old topic.

Not closed therefore still useable.
I mean, it’s only 27 days.


So? You can still use it…


I’ll ask for the old one to be closed.

Oh sorry, didn’t mean to.

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Anyone? :/

Can i be promoted?? xd
Except i’m just off grade 3, and 10 days off member :/

I’ll add you to the list. 😉

Anyone else?

Can I be on the list? I am Grade 4

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Okay, I will also add you. Thank you!

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