Reducing Yaw Upon Takeoff

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I have a question, so after take off (when Airborne) my plane goes diagonal from the runway and I can’t notice any tilts or anything

can someone help

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Which aircraft is this occuring on? Could you try restarting your device and try again?

It may be because of the winds. Try controlling the plane with rudder.

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this has happened on all the light aircrafts

I always take off on the runways that have green on both ends :)

This may explain the runway colour indications -


So, partly according to the topic above, try switching your wind heading so that the arrow in your HUD is facing down (Headwind), in case you’re in solo mode. In turn, the runway you are on will be green.

Are you flying on solo or live?

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Use the rudder lightly, don’t hold it. Make sure you aren’t rotating at a speed that’s too fast otherwise you will likely spin, around 150knots with flaps 15 or 2 will be alright and should stop you from crashing. With smaller aircraft that aren’t jets it will be different.

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im flying on liver server

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Can you tell us what the winds are?

Winds and runway number?

the winds were 10kts

winds 10kts

lax: runway 25R

Okay. If it’s 10 knots and you’re saying the marking on the map was green, then it might be a problem elsewhere. Can you just fly the same plane in solo, and change the weather to no wind and see if you get the same problem?


ok sure ill do that!

@Johnny_b. MaxSez: Assuming you flying an Aircraft with a reciprocating (propeller) power plant the Yaw your experiencing is a natural occurrence induced by the right hand turning of the propeller which causes a yaw to the left in all conditions. The Yaw is correctable by minor Rudder defection opposite the yaw. Ona windy day, it’s Stick & Rudder. Rudder as described, peddles into the wind, windward Wing Down into the wind to a degree to compensate for the strength of the wind.
Try it you’ll like it. Regards


Note) Field color codes are not a consideration. Each aircraft has a quartering/cross wind tolerance ,it’s listed in it characteristics. As long as your craft can perform as noted in its characteristics rway Color has no effect. One should alway take off and land into as much of the wind as possible even it it’s quartering or crossing. (at Controlled Field the Controller identifies the Active. Turbine (jet) Aircraft ar not effected by engine indused Yar, wind are your only consideration when flying an aircraft that “sucks” thru the air…LOL


Put your rudder into it matey!

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