Reducing sensitivity in LiveFlight Connect?

How can I do this? When using my joystick, the controls are very twitchy.


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If you go to the controls panel in Infinite Flight you can turn up or down the sensitivity of each control.

Like pitch, throttle, etc…

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I found the AutoNAV to be overly sensitive and clunky as well.

Flying on my own yields better altitude control (Less roll), but true to its word it is great at steering the aircraft! Even though it gets a little hairy @ M1.50+


Why would you use AutoNav at 1.5M😂

Because I can.

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I wrote the AutoNav. You can’t just put it whatever you want and expect it to work. You need to take into account your speed and turn rates as well as altitudes. Know what you’re doing and it will work just fine.

As for joystick sensitivity, that can be adjusted in the IF controls settings in the app. Liveflight connect just provides the connection.


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