Reducing Amount of Landings Needed

Hello, IFC,

I recently got grade 4 for the second time and I remembered how hard it is to get so many landings in to keep the grade!

I currently have to do ~1 landing per day to keep the grade! Plus 2 landings on the last day!

To get and maintain grade 5, it’s 200 landings in 90 days! That’s more than 2 landings a day!


I understand that grades are to show loyalty but I think this is a lil’ intense. Don’t you?

I also believe that getting better grades a bit faster could encourage IF users to play more, without handing them the status either.
The current needs are

Here is a poll for you to choose which would seem more appropriate…

  • 25/90, 50/90
  • 50/90, 100/90
  • 75/90, 150/90
  • Stay the same rate of 100,200/90

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Thank You!

Lol Misha tho!

The requirements are going to be increased soon, not decreased. A full explanation of the reasoning will be given alongside the changes when they come.

Landings will not be changed much for G4/5.