Reduce thrust

Good afternoon IFC I was jus thing on all like 100% of my takeoffs I use a N1 of 85-88 but irl after they set takeoff thrust I always here the decrese it then continue on to retract flaps and etc is there a way I could do what they do in IF?

any help is always apprciated.

The procedure you described is usually done just right after the plane exits 15 degree initial takeoff pitch


yea but how could I do the same thing in IF would I have to decrease throatle to a certain percent or something?

That percent depends on a bunch of things like load, temperature, flaps. Basically every throttle setting is good if you don’t loose speed from it ;)


ight bet thanks for the help

I personally reduce the thrust setting to 75-78% thrust (the selected one, not N1), after reaching my acceleration altitude (mostly 1000feet above the aerodrome level).

This goes ahead with a nose down movement towards around 10° nose up, to increase the speed, and flap retractions once I have reached certain speeds, depending on the load and the aircraft type.


I recommend watching Virtual blue(aka Jetblue VA) on YouTube the standards they have of being very professional is incredible. From what I’ve learned watching there videos is to reduce speed a little bit after passing 1500 feet + airport elevation (example KATL is at 1026 ft add 1500 feet and then lower the pitch of the aircraft to increase power and retract flaps. I recommend having V speed and adding +15 to V2 to set a target climb speed until passing the 1500 feet mark from the airport, so let’s say V1 140 Vr 145 V2 150 target speed 165 climb out 15 degrees up then passing for example KATL 2,500 feet pull power to 80% pitch to 10 degrees at 200kts flaps up (taking off with flaps 1 airbus)

Airports have this different. It should be in SOP

For example, LKPR departure procedure for jet aicrafts (for noise abatement):

From take off to 2700 ft AMSL - Take off power, take off flaps, climb at V2 + 10 kt (or as limited by body angle).
At 2700 ft AMSL - Reduce engine thrust to, not less than climb power/thrust.
From 2700 ft AMSL to 4200 ft AMSL - Climb at V2 + 10 kt (or as limited by body angle)
Above 4200 ft - Normal speed and en-route climb configuration

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