Reduce the pins

We have 5 pins IF mod could you reduce them, I want to see some new ones.

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I don’t think this will be possible at the moment but you can surely ask someone :)

Fixed oops.

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Can you explain more

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Posts are pinned for a reason. It’s not up to you to decide which do and don’t get pinned.

Leave the moderating to the moderators please.


Just tap on the pins to unpin!

Can manually do it yourself!


You are able to remove pinned posts by clicking unpinned here, image

Posts are usually pinned as they are important for the community and they want as many people to see it. The amount varies throughout the year depending what is needed to be conveyed.


The reason for the pins is because they are important and the staff want the it to be the first thing IFC users see when they enter the community.

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And there’s your answer 😂👍

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Nah the amount of Pins Is reasonable. I’m not sure what is bothering you here.

You can remove them you know

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You can remove the pins yourself

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