Reduce the landing amount required for grades 4 + 5

I know that this has been brought up numerous times before but I want to make an official request.

The current grading system has been developed before the release of Global, therefore the landing requirement does not fit the current Global system. To get to (and maintain) grade 4, you must have 100 landings in the past 90 days, and to get to (and maintain) grade 5, you must have 200 landings in the past 90 days. This was developed back before Global, where the average flight was much shorter than now.

Longer flights = less flights. And less flights means that we can’t always keep the requirement. I am sure that most of us including myself do not have time to perform multiple flights daily, especially if they are medium/long haul. So please, FDS, we’re not asking you to get rid of the requirement or significantly reduce it, but at least make it more possible to get/maintain those grades.

“But RTG, you could just do touch&goes” Yes you can, but I’ve noticed that sometimes when you do them, it doesn’t count all the landings. Also, we may not realize it, but touch and goes take up a good chunk of time.

“But RTG, you could just do short flights like we used to” That totally defeats the purpose of Global. Sure, you could definitely do short-haul flights to help boost the grade, but me and many other people would like to fully enjoy Global by doing regular flights and getting the proper grades for them.


Here are my thoughts:
A person grade should NOT be based on whether or not they can do touch and goes in a C208. While yes, landings are needed. The numbers we have are too high currently.


Would love to see this, but for all grades. I’ve flown for about 17 hours and I’m still grade 1.


Touch and goes are an easy solution in my opinion. You need to be all round good at landing and not just flying in general.

I think the only thing that possibly needs changing to the grading system we currently have is to make it harder, not easier. It’s a challenge, it shouldn’t be easy.

I’m grade 5 myself, I’ve gone through doing many touch and goes, it’s not hard and I personally believe the requirements are too easy.


I agree I think the grading system should be updated to fit global


I agree with this too. Having just recently gotten grade 4, I do struggle to maintain landings, especially as I work most days and attend college, leaving me with very little time to do t/g


No opinion yet but for me to do 200 landings every 90 days to stay a Grade 5 is a bit much


If you want it bad enough you will work for it I suppose


But like I said earlier, many of us including myself don’t have the time to do multiple flights daily. We have school, work, time to spend with family/friends, and enjoying our lives.


Yes! This is needed! I am currently grade 3 but should be grade 5 but the only thing holding me back are landings.


For grade 5:

250 Hours of Flying
750 Landings

20 Flight Time/90 Day
200 Landings/90Day

This suggests that to get grade 5, you need to do 20-minute flights to keep hours and landings the same. I’m sorry but there aren’t 20-minute flights in global anymore.

To keep grade 5, you need to land every 6 minutes! and if there aren’t 20-minute flights, there aren’t 6-minute flights. I think you can up the 20 hours of flight time every 90 days.

I suggest 750 landings should be dropped to 500
I suggest 20 hours of flight time every 90 be bumped to 40 or 50, and bring 200 down to 150.


Also, if this happened, there would be way too many grade 5s. There is a reason grade 5 is such an achievement to get. If everyone were to have it, it wouldn’t be worth anything. - It’d just be ‘normal’.


I disagree. The grading system is probably more suited now and gives grade 5 more prestige. It’s harder to maintain the grade showing more dedication. It may be modified in the future but making G5 easier I don’t agree with.


I disagree. I grade 4+5 means that you can handle your plane when not on autopilot. It shouldn’t matter that you can fly while you sleep and get 2k XP every time. I want to know that someone with grade 4/5 has control over their aircraft and can actually land.

Do a couple of patterns then fly your long haul. You gotta put in the work for the higher grades, not just autopilot.

If I was changing the system I would require xxx ATC operations to maintain the grade. You shouldnt be able to reach grade 5 and not once press the ATC button.


This system was built for regions, would like to see landings (90 days) change, but nothing else

I would even recommend increasing XP to get to a grade


The total landings should never be dropped, if anything increased. Grade 5’s represent the best pilots and you want the Grade 5’s to do the smoothest butter landing. Somewhere in the -60ft/m range.

I would put the Grade 5 landing requirement at 1000, trust me it isn’t that hard


Not in all cases. I’ve seen 5 graders flying worse than TS1 trolls. The grade doesn’t necessarily represent the skills. We would need more measurements to evaluate this in the stats, like the average VS on touch down or a flight time to violations ratio for example.


Very true. No matter what rules are in place, people will always abuse it and do what they need to in order to reach the milestone and then goof off. I don’t think there is a 100% perfect system.


maybe a check ride should be required for grade 5

Also true. But I think a little adaption to the global update would be very appropriate.

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