Reduce Speed Instruction

Trying to figure out what I did wrong in this situation. Was asked to reduce speed to 210Kts multiple times but was already doing 205Kts. Ground speed was close to 300 but if I lowered that to 210 then I started to stall even with full flaps.


You can tell him that question. Pm @Karl.Luebs

When controller instructs you to reduce speed, he means that in indicated air speed (IAS), not ground speed.

Yeah which is what I thought and what confused me. Thanks

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I would recommend you to PM the controller to find out what was going on.

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You didn’t do anything wrong who was the controller? Never mind I’ll message Karl
If it happens again tell them unable

what happens is that if I say unable, then they send me a message that I’m going to receive ghots, so it’s better to do everything the controller says

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As an IFATC recruiter and supervisor I’m telling you tell them unable. If they ghost you we will deal with it at that point.


To add to what a Brandon says, one simple screenshot of your compliance will make it simple.

With serious winds and at an altitude it’s hard to estimate for the ATC to estimate your airspeed. He sees only your ground speed, and this can be much higher.

As Brandon mentioned, ‘Unable’ is a good answer then. But…make your screenshot, so you can have a good chat with the controller in case you get Reported. If we see you followed instructions, a Report can be reversed.

I believe that each pilot knows the speeds of approach, and each pilot must calculate the speed that must have if there is a plane in front of me.

Reality is vastly different. If only that were the case. (I mean, people even fly over 200 on a one-mile final. Those kinds of pilots aren’t maintaining consistent separation with the aircraft ahead on Approach.)

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in general for me he did a good job with the approach, but I think that sometimes the other pilots do not give their opinion because they are afraid to talk

What do you mean? Constructive feedback is always welcome.

It’s the threads that start with “whoever this controller Joe Blow is at ICAO needs to be ghosted because he is an idiot and his…” that we ignore. Other than that, everything is fine.

Also, most of the issue is people start public threads where only people who weren’t there see them instead of actually PMing the controller and talking to him. The community-at-large can’t answer specific questions about a session. But cordial PMs are always welcome.

we are human beings and we make mistakes, although in aviation an error always ends up being fatal, I think that many of the pilots are here to learn and have a nice time, I am not an expert, but I try to read and learn every day to minimize the mistakes

Sorry Steven. Was busy, I don’t think I did that because you weren’t slowing but because I forgot that I had already sent the command to you. I always sent it to 10 people at once. Hope it was still an enjoyable experience. Have a good day

Thanks. I appreciate the follow up. Just wanted to make sure if I was doing something wrong I could correct for future flights.

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Nothing wrong. You did fine. Happy landings

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