Reduce ghost time

Hello everyone, I am here with a controversial topic but this is what I think.

I think the ghosting time should be reduced to 4 days maximum rather than a week. It is a simulation game. Lots of people here are aviation enthusiast but not pilots in real life. They are here to follow their passion and maybe have fun and feel the joy of flying.

The purpose of ghosting, I believe, is to educate the person so that he may learn the correct thing and possibly be more careful in making silly mistakes.

Right now I have seen many people complain about ghosting. It is more of a frustration for not being able to play for a week. It just gives rise to a negative emotion in people rather than thinking that maybe I should learn from this.
Sure, next time the person would be much much more careful that he doesn’t make mistakes but he will play the game in the ‘stress’ of getting ghosted. Personally, if I play this game for its world class quality and to relieve stress, to have fun.
I dont think that while you are playing, you should feel the kind of stress that you might not be able to play for a week

Secondly, everyone pays a good amount of money for the pro subscription and even just to buy the game. We definitely get the quality what we pay for and I m proud to have this game but at the same time the ghosting takes away a whole week out of 4 weeks.

I feel if the ghosting period is reduced, people may not question the ghosting aggressively and get angry, maybe they would accept it and take care from the next time

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IF is trying to be realistic. I don’t know but you might be able to make a #features request. But as of now it isn’t going to change
IF wants their pilots to learn from their mistakes. That 7 day time where you are in the training or casual is a time for you to learn and be a role model for other pilots in that server. But as of now you gotta role with the punches


Well the thing is you can still play. I don’t think the period of time needs to be shortened, people don’t learn from the ghosting time right now. If anything people need to actually learn from there ghosts. It’s not a punishment it’s a learning experience.


No doubt about it and I want it to be realistic. But just the matter of removing that ‘frustration’. We don’t want people getting angry right? Like why can’t they understand that I had some x issue due to which I wasn’t able to comply with the rules. If the time was less, they might think that yes I made a mistake due to my other x issue and I did not give the rules the attention they required

There are 7 days in a week - a perfect time. It’s a time to learn from your fatal mistakes and return in a blaze of glory. It will be worth it when you return in a blaze of glory and show the world that you are not to be messed with.

A tip to reduce the number of reports and violations you get is to be present at your device during the critical stages of flight. You also have 20 Seconds from when you receive a violation warning till it goes through. For reports, just contact the controller who reported you and talk things out with them

Yes and no in my opinion.
The punishment for a ghost is perfectly, but I do think IFATC should have an option to “kick” someone.
It would just remove you from the live server, and give you a 1 hour cool down period.
This would be for the minor, seemingly unintentional incidents, like taxiing without permission, or violating S/O departures, while ghosts would be reserved for bigger infractions.
Just my 5¢ though.

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Exactly, it is a learning experience. Right now learning is aside many of them are just angry, this is what I have obs I maybe wrong. But you to have to agree with me, flying on the training server and below is not as fun as the expert. We are here for realism. And yes ‘trolls’ should not be entertained and the ones who don’t learn

Genius idea.

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Truly a very good idea

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this thread pretty much explains it all

Good idea make a #features request and see if it goes through

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7 days is too much. Lets say a person gets ghosted twice in a month for different reasons. He will lose 50% of the time in a month and that person is bound to get angry after paying a good amount for the game. Learning can be accomplished even in 2 days just by giving an hour each day.

Im just going to say I would push the limits a little more if I knew the ghosting was only 4 days.

If it will be a Max of 4 days, pilots won’t be much careful next time… And you’re paying to get access to global and all of the aircrafts, with the ability to fly with other fellow pilots, but you’re not paying to fly in the expert server…
I don’t think it’s perfect, and I know how it feels when you’re no longer able to fly in the expert server. I think you can do a feature request about it :D.

If a person gets ghosted twice in a month, they haven’t learned from the first and clearly 7 days wasn’t enough in their case.

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A ghost does not mean he or she is kicked off the game. It means they cannot access one server in the game. With TSATC and some Community members on the TS complex, you can learn. You can also learn on CS, where no rules are present.

IF is for realism. At least that’s why I play the game I am and aviation enthusiast I want to become and airline pilot one day. I don’t plane the game to see people doing loops 200 feet above the airport or people cutting right through another aircraft or going max taxi speed. The ghost time doesn’t need to be shortened you just need to follow the very simple rules that IF had provided to keeps yourself from getting ghosted. EASY.

I personally agree with that

its not like you cant fly

you can still fly, just not on expert server. Everything you do after you get reported or a violation still counts

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