Reduce Automatic deletion time for withdrawn posts

For those who are asking:

I created this topic to point out that when a user deletes a post who, for example was a miss click or has content answered above, or simply thinks it does not provide an accurate answer, or just he wants to delete the post, why it needs to stay 3 hours until the final deletion of it?

There is a reversion of the withdrawn of your post available for all TL2, during all the 3 hours grace period. I think 1 hour is a very reasonable time for the user to think about the reversal. Imagine I delete a post and after 2 hours I decide to reverse the post, but the content it carries is no longer relevant to the discussion, as other user answered the question some replies below. It is worth to let it stay all the 3 hours as the reversal is not possible?

Thats my thoughts about this topic, and I hope you can understand what I am saying!
Thank you all!

The time period after deleting a comment doesn’t only serve the purpose to give the users the opinion to change their minds. It also has a purpose for moderation.

Let’s say a user posts something inappropriate or is attacking another user, then deletes the comment and it’s gone right away or after a short period of time… In that case the comment couldn’t be flagged for moderation anymore. Having a little bit of a longer period of time in between the action of deleting a comment and the comments full deletion allows users to flag it if necessary and it makes sure that people don’t just go out, post inappropriate things and delete it right away without being caught.

Don’t forget that you also have the possibility to edit your comment if you posted something by accident. Edits within the first 5 minutes after the post of a comment aren’t being shown as edits 😉

And once again: We already reduced this time period from 24h to 3h not long ago. That’s a reduction by 21 hours.


Thank you Marc, appreciate your post, but, I am not talking to delete immediately all the withdrawn posts, setting the time to 1 hour should give more than enough time to flag the post if it violates the Community Guidelines. And also, @ admins can see the deleted posts.

And, yeah, you reduced the time to 3 hours, why you can’t do again?

Because from my perspective one hour simply is too short. Us Moderators need to be able to check comments and users need to have an opportunity to flag it as well if they feel attacked. We’re not on the IFC every hour but there’s a higher chance to catch something if there’s more time, even if it’s just 3 hours.

I say it again: You do have the possibility to change things if you posted something you didn’t want to post immediately by editing the comment.


@Marc put it quite well, as always!