Redragon K552-RGB Not Detected by LF Connect

I don’t know what’s happening, but I installed LiveFlight Connect on my PC and IF won’t detect the keyboard when I do the calibration thing.

Do you have “enable live flight connect” on?
Check this in settings—> general


You’ve likely tried most of these but it’s still worth reminding:

Have you ensured that both your pc and IF device are on the same WiFi network, which is stable and fast? Attempt a restart of the router?
Try restarting both IF and Live Flight, I usually find opening live flight AFTER opening IF tends to work better.
Check you have the relevant drivers for the device installed.
After your live flight connect says connected, go to settings -> controls and press “Use Network Joystick”.

In the end, there is no guarantee all devices work - live flight hasn’t been updated in a while, and compatibility is often a hit or a miss…

My pc is on ethernet while my phone is on wifi, does that make a difference?

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Not sure, but I think that they’re not exactly on the same network…try putting the pc on the same WiFi?

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Okay, it works, but roll is stuck at -100% and i can’t bind the left/right keys to it.

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