Redownload md10,11 c130

I had to redownload the C130’s and the MD11’s too in this update but did any thing change?
Just curious:)

Not that I’m aware of. I don’t think any new liveries were added for those aircraft, so it might just be a bug fix or something. :)

I couldn’t find it neither so I fly it later and see if anything has changed!

Nothing changed on those air frames.

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I also had to re-download, though I don’t know why. It’s common when an update is released.

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I know there was a calibration issue with the trijets idk if that was what the update was for when it comes to them I’ll have to go test it out


I had to redownload all my aircraft. When i saw that i uninstalled and reinstalled to getvrid of potentially corrupt files and start afresh.

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There are obviously no major changes, although if the aircraft’s physics were tweaked at all, that would most likely be the reason for the redownload.


Maybe the engine sounds were reversed and that was fixed?


I believe that when you open the ramp, you will see a change from the last update. We used to have an option between partial opening and full opening. Now, it’s partial first, then select again for full opening. I like the previous choice better; partial versus full opening. Now if you use partial opening of the ramp, you will have to select full open before seeing the selection to close the ramp.


Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info and I would love them, if they can change that back:)

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Maybe the numbers on the FMC are now straight!

Edit: Nope, No they arent…


Oh god XD!!!

Now I never noticed that before. LOL

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