[REDONE] NZQN procedures (Queenstown)


Great Post. I fly this often and it can be funny watching other people approach sometimes. Must admit, its great scenery.


What about takeoff from 05?


This is great! 👍 now some pilots know to not fly the DC-10 and 787 into Queenstown 😑


I will be updating the approach to 23 as I have found a easier way (With fixes and waypoints)

And will add the departure procedure
Should be up by the weekend


I have updated the tutorial with approach to rwy 23, departure out of 23 and pattern work.

If you have a FR24 screenshot of a 05 departure, please send to me. Thanks


Standby I will make tutorial for 05 you can add it in


Fantastic. Thank you!


Currently doing nzwn - nzch so might be a few minutes


Takeoff 85% throttle (not n1)

Flaps 3

Climb 2500-3000FPM

Keep speed to a low 165-180 airspeed

After past runway 23 resume usual speed and climb.

Note : if depearting to aussie Is a bit different


Here’s some charts:






Can you elaborate a bit on runway 05 departures.


Oh! Oops. I forgot to add that. I will add that when I get back to Australia (2 weeks)


I don’t have time to make all the IF friendly fixes so you can easily add it in to your routes, but here are the charts so you can see all the procedures. Pick the one most suitable for your arrival or departure and simbrief -> fpltoif it to get the IF friendly route. Take note that most of the departures have you circling in the bowl or around the airport to gain altitude first. Use visual cues to manually fly those. Hope this is useful for everyone.



Thanks for this very helpful guide!


Bumping for today’s schedule!


This tutorial has been completely redone!
I’ve just noticed a few days ago that there are waypoints around NZQN now, making approaching and departing this fabulous airport a breeze!


Cheers panther


Oh thank the lords, Ive been waiting for waypoints around NZQN for a while - last time I flew to that airport - it was night and I tried to hand fly the aircraft in - lets just say it didn’t end well


Since NZQN is in the featured region today, this might be hellpful for some people, especially the pattern chart!