Redone Gear (Again, yes)

Before I start the feature request: I know a new gear model was recently introduced to the game with the MD-11 update (I believe) and I greatly appreciate all the work the devs put into creating it, as it is significantly better than the previous one. However, there are things about it that I personally think should be corrected in time, not necessarily right away.

So anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, there are a few things with the new gear model that aren’t really realistic. Two big picture things I have noticed are as follows:

  1. On takeoff, the gear main raises even with a rotation at a speed that does not generate enough lift to fly.
    Should be pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll elaborate anyway. Ground effect (which is what I believe this was incorporated along with/to simulate) lifts planes off the ground a little before the wings are really generating enough lift to fly. While the lift generated by ground effect does lift the plane off the sunken/compressed state, it does not generate any lift other than that until the plane is ready to fly (combined with G/E). So I believe this is done incorrectly as it enables planes (like the 737-900 and A321) to use a lot less runway than they should and therefore have unrealistic takeoffs.

  2. Leading off of my comment about the compressed state of the gear, I want to point out that this state does not exist (or seem to exist) in Infinite Flight at the moment. The spoilers do not push the plane into the ground on landing like they should, and this creates the unrealistic and excessive wobble I’m sure all of you have experienced when correcting centerline or even taxiing on the ground that makes you seem like a crazy person from the outside and doesn’t look or feel good from the inside either. So I believe this should be fixed if the gear is ever redone.

With all that said, I want to reiterate what I said at the top. I am so grateful the devs put in the work to create this product and can’t wait for future updates. And sorry for the rambling, all-words topic

Ground Effect is used for landings, and not takeoffs. It’s when the plane just about hovers over the runway for a quick second right before touching the ground. With all of that said, I think it’s a good request, but I’m out of votes. Good luck, and also don’t forget to vote for your own request! 😁

It’s on both, but only realistically incorporated in Infinite Flight on landings. That’s why some planes (especially 737s) stay a few feet above the ground on takeoff: ground effect is lift and acceleration/reduced drag, so it’s a good way to gain a bit more speed


I want this, as I really don’t like the sound of the TBM and A10 gear😕

It seems to me that ground effect works well on takeoff with the TBM. I could reproduce typical bad takeoff as described in flying manuals (plane airborne with GE only, then settles back down for lack of speed to rise properly…) Would be good of course to have more refined gear indeed!

I never read this lol. It wouldn’t be a sound rework. Just a gear mechanics rework. This would reduce tipping when turning/aligning and make takeoffs look and feel more realistic. But the sounds would be a separate thing.

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