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Hello there!
On January 1st I started a completely new project focusing on creating beautiful movies in Infinite Flight. This way I want to celebrate this fantastic simulator and share how I personally see the beauty creating movies.
Here is one of the recent uploads:

I gonna create some more topics to share all the videos I think deserved to be shared here.

Thank you for your attention!

RednoseHeavy a.k.a. RoadRunner


This video is really something. Recently, I have been doing less flights and more XP11. I sold my PC so I went back to IF. I really took IF for granted and forgot how amazing the game and people are in this game. This video really inspires me to fly more.

Great job :)

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My congratulations, you made a very cool video and I would like to do a flight of two one day if you want to invite me, I would appreciate it.

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Yes, if you have Discord it has some advantages to communicate between us. Right now a new video is on its way and in recording stages.

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I do not have it if you want, you can send me the link and when I fix my pc we will combine it when making the flight