Rednose-1-Super's ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED] @ KSSC

KSSC Status - Open
Services - Tower and Ground
Please do a come and do some patterns and help me achieve my dream of IFATC.

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Please use the same thread. Do not create multiple.

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Hey there! Here are my comments.

  • Make sure to check if an aircraft is capable of pushback and/or if their parking position requires a pushback. If the answer is no to either one of them, ignore their pushback request and just instruct the aircraft to taxi.
  • You forgot to clear me on my first landing.
  • This is the biggest thing you should work on: when you resequence aircraft, do NOT reclear them to land if they’ve already been cleared previously. A resequence doesn’t revoke a landing clearance, it just changes their position in landing. Furthermore, don’t use “Number x, cleared to land/for the option” as a form of resequencing. You’re going to confuse not just yourself, but the pilots. Throughout the session, I saw you constantly resequencing aircraft and a lot of the time, you would either reclear them first and then resequence, or just simply issue a new landing sequence instead. Remember, the process goes sequencing FIRST and then a clearance. Don’t mish and mash the two because that’s just very confusing. Also, try to use anticipation to figure out who is more likely to be first to the runway; you have spacing commands that you can use instead of constantly resequencing back and forth based on the situation.
  • You cleared me twice on my second landing. If you’re not sure whether an aircraft has been cleared, look at their flight progress strip. If the runway number is green, you’ve cleared them already.
  • On my runway change to 22R, you did well with the pattern instruction, but you didn’t tell me to make left or right traffic after the fact.
  • Good job with the transition.

I think you just need to work on how/when to use sequencing, as well as being more predictable in terms of where you think aircraft will be. Also, try to not be overly controlling and resequencing back and forth constantly.