Redmi Note 8 Pro Crash Issue

I am new to IF, and recently I’ve discovered that when I switch to dark theme of the device(or vice versa) my game freezes/crashes. I have to relaunch the app and re-do my flight. I’m on android 10 and MIUI 12.55. All feedback is appreciated.

Could you provide some information about your graphics settings on your app? These settings vary depending on device, and if you’re not in the ideal setting, crashes can appear more often.

In this situation, I don’t think that any extra device information is needed.

This is an issue that affects some android devices and has done since the Android 10 update. All of my Pixels are affected by this. It also happens when battery saver turns on, as that switches the theme. Graphics settings in app have absolutely no effect on the crashes.

@RoxXy_73 my best advice here would be simply to not switch theme during flight. I will try raise the issue with the Devs again at some point, but Infinite Flight is not the only app that does this.


Thank you very much :)!

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Well texture and other top 2 settings ar high but my rendering quality is set to low to preserve battery during overnights/cruise, anti-a is off and resolution thing is 4x(I am not very familiar with the settings for now)

Yeah, I have the same device and that happens. The good news is that we don’t need to switch our device theme while flying :)

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