Rediscovering the C-130

(Photo Credit: Infinite Flight)

Like most, I’ve been spending a lot of time checking the App Store and IFC, patiently waiting for the CRJ update. Well, I guess somewhat patiently would be more accurate. To give credit where credit’s due, the new liveries and ATC rework that came with IF 18.1 are pretty amazing.

We tend to desire what we don’t have. “If I could only have that”, or, “I really wish I had one of those.” It’s natural, and we all do it. Recently, however, that way of thinking was put into perspective.

While scrolling through the many choices, trying to select an aircraft for my next flight, I stopped at the C-130. To be honest, I almost passed it by, like I’d done so many times in the past. Yet, on that day, I decided to take it for a flight, and try to re-familiarize myself with this legendary aircraft.

The C-130 came with a lot of hype from FDS. 4K textures, animated parts, and a detailed cockpit helped fuel the fire. For whatever reason, the excitement surrounding the C-130 peaked, then subsided rather quickly. The fact that it’s primarily a military aircraft which appeals to a specific audience may have had something to do with it.

Though not as fast and flashy as a fighter jet or modern airliner, I’m here today with renewed respect and appreciation for the C-130. It takes off in less than half the distance of most aircraft, climbs like a rocket, yet responds smoothly to any input from the controls. In a dive, you can lower the flaps, use reverse thrust to control your speed, and still butter the landing.

The C-130 is a hidden gem. For such a rugged aircraft, it’s surprisingly maneuverable and forgiving. With four variants to choose from, there’s a livery that fits almost every mission; from airborne assault, to search and rescue, to humanitarian relief. The C-130 has the capability of moving troops and supplies to remote corners of the world, providing its pilots with unique opportunities that aren’t available in other aircraft.

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my time flying the C-130, and will never put it on the back shelf again. In fact, lately I’ve been finding it difficult to get out of the cockpit in favor of something else. Thank you, FDS, for producing such a wonderful aircraft. Remember, happiness is not always having what you want, but also wanting what you have.


The RAF C-130 Is great for the Mach Loop. Especially when I have plenty of time, and want to take things slowly. Blasting along at 500 knots in a fighter is great fun, but it’s all over so quickly. The C-130 offers a realistic alternative to that.

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With my VA we use the C130, hopefully one day we’ll have the L100/L382!
I love the C130 here its a great aircraft!


The C-130 is truly an amazing aircraft with its own personal feature which has made me love this plane and that is the fact that you can go into the interior. It even has side doors with a ramp!


Actually I was going to do some more C130 flights soon, now that KPIT has it’s airbase gates, unfortunately IRL they just phased the C130s out of 911, but they are amazing, they used to come over during the summer all in a row, like 4 or 5 of them, now we just have KC-135s…


I like the flight characteristics and the challenges of flying in various weather conditions including high winds and crosswinds. I’ve gotten comfortable flying the C-130J in almost any weather condition. The details on the plane are really awesome!

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I used to live near the USCG Air Station in Clearwater (KPIE). Several C-130s are based there and fly regular patrols along the coast.

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Our Twotter lives next to Lynden Air Cargo they fly the L382/L100 and an actual Herc

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I heard the C-130 was a monster of the military for airdrops and air support that’s was deadly

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My favourite video involving a C-130

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