REDHEAT pulling 355 mph in Reno practice!

today during Reno races practice. RED HEAT a sport cirrus 22, was setting a speed record for the future named “IFAR” Infinite Flight Air Races.

**1) videos and photos were taken at Reno stead ICAO: KRTS

**2) Server: solo
Aircraft: cirrus 22 (SPORT E-22) REDHEAT


My aircraft showing its race number and name.

*IF showing 309 knots or 355.5 mph *

REDHEAT at Reno stead


Really sad to see this year will be the last year for Reno Air Races irl. Nice shots!

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Nice pics! If anybody does go to the Reno Air races and show, I would love to see pics

just a question, and it’s ok if you don’t wanna talk about it, but what happened to the race? its still listed as an event, but it’s closed.