Redesigning Boeing & Airbus liveries

I had previously redesigned the liveries of major iranian airlines

Today, I redesigned the home Airbus and Boeing liveries
Sorry if the 747-400 isn’t so great. I did it in a bit of a hurry. The Airbus, I tried to bring their good old one and modernise it.
Which one is better?

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • I like both
  • Nither are good

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The Airbus livery: The logos on the engines should be smaller, and the text on the fuselage needs to be smaller too.

Sorry, wanted to be like the Pan Am Billboard

I’m such a hater! I voted neither are good. But I changed it! Because I do actually think the Airbus livery is good!

Yeah. Even I voted the Airbus too

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Wanted to make a SSJ-100 too but the own Sukhoi is such a beauty.

I’m sorry but I’m a honest person and they both look like a two year old designed them and are not as good as even the worst liveries currently used, that’s right I prefer the jeep livery to this

I like the Boeing one.

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