Red X's

Does anyone know what these are?

How to reproduce(I think)

  • aim your camera towards the sky in (normal) camera mode
  • at a certain angle these red X’s will appear

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Airport? Device?

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What in the world? That looks like the inactive runway warning X.


That means the moon runway is closed😂


What mode? Please be specific

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Matt is aware of this.

A few days ago I was flying once again in live, and that’s when I came across several flashing X on my screen. I was at LAX with Qantas A380-800. (Sorry for my English)


What device are you using?

XT1514 (Motorola)

They normally show closed taxiways. Try hiding the inactive runway warting in your live settings.

But these are showing up in the sky. I think this is more of a rendering bug.

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Try landing there. See what happens.

@Freddiefrogs… MaxSez… Fred must you always distract from the topic with an inane peanut comment? Just asking?

Matt may be testing something here, along with TFRs (Restricted Airspaces)! :)

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 would most likely be right, it would be awesome if while there was an active TFR those little x’s would appear like the inactive runway but in the sky! Although it would kind of not be realistic :P

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