Red Wings TU204 engine fire

Airways Mag: During the early hours of August 22, the left engine of a Red Wings Tupolev TU204 (RA-64050) caught fire in-flight, forcing the plane to perform an emergency landing at UFA International Airport.

The aircraft was operating flight WZ808 between UFA and Sochi with 202 passengers and crew on board.

Link + Video

My opinion:
This is generally terrifying to witness, from a passengers perspective. In the video, massive amounts of flame were shooting from the engines is unbelievable.


Don’t forget to mention where you got the picture from.


It is in the Link ;)

That’s not what I meant, what I meant for for you to specify that below the picture :)

Crazy videos. Glad to hear everyone made it out alive.

What can I say? After 10 years of developing this plane has so many illnesses. This plane did not succeed because it appeared too late.

@NationofAviation it seems fine to me. I have done that many times. No need to specify it right below the picture. :)

Yep :) it was just a suggestion to makes things more clear ;)

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I was a bit shocked when I saw this!

hang on… I’m confused. If the the plane had just made an emergency landing a few hours before this pic was taken, then why does it look like it has been stuck in Alaska for the last 3 days?

That’s fire retardant. Like what you would find in a fire extinguisher.


ah, alright. If only the wing caught though, why cake the fuselage in it?

Fire can easily spread, they have to make sure no other places can get caught in the flame easily. Also it was the engine. 😉

alright, fair enough. That makes sense.

I take offense at that, having spent the past 9 years in Alaska. I do not in any way look like that. The 85 degree summers must melt me some. @anon93248082 how about you?

On a more serious note, I’m kinda surprised that even the right hand wing was covered, when the left engine caught fire. I guess if you have the foam, you might as well use it.

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Alaska sucks don’t come


No, still gonna visit Alaska someday. On my list for places to go.

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Okay, can you take a joke?

Anchorage is full of drugs and crime, The southeast is rainy all of the time, and Fairbanks is ugly and the tallest building is abandoned. The rest of Alaska doesn’t matter.

@Charlie_Boothe My comment was a joke as well.

Can you?

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Fair enough. I guess we all can take things lightly.