Red Wings A321-231(New livery)

Today, I wanted to make a livery request for the Red Wings Airlines A321 livery. Recently, Red Wings began to repaint their fleet to this livery, which is beautiful in my opinion. Furthermore, this would add one Russian carrier, something we have a lack of in this sim, despite the size of Russia!
Also, the livery features the a version of the „raccoon mask“ that some NEOs have, despite it being a normal A321.

Red Wings is an airline, mostly flying leisure routes from Moscow-Domodedovo airport. Their fleet consists out of A320s, A321 and Superjets. As I mentioned above, they mostly fly to and from holiday destinations. Those however, are spread all over Russia, Europe and the Middle East. For instance, they operate to Barcelona and Dubai.

Please consider voting, as Russia needs some more love, and this would be the perfect livery for a new airline!

I like the old livery better but any one of the two would be a good addition to IF

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This looks really good in my opinion!! Hope it comes to IF soon


Or this one, which I only know on the SSJ

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Yeah but very little chances the SSJ100 will be added anytime