Red (weather) wind aloft sign when on ground with no metar?

Almost every time I spawn on a airport with no metar the weather icon is red almost all time with no wind. It’s because of no wind (358/0) or another kind of issue ?

Sometimes you get the wind then the red icon with the wind unchanged (I have 358/1 actually) and the wind comes back when I go airborne

Can you post a screenshot?

The red icon means that the visibility is low.

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The red dot usually means that there’s low visibility, which airport are you talking about, because it may be an airport that commonly has low visibility?

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The colour of the airport depends on visibility not winds.

U’re probably talking about VIDP, right? the icon os red bcs the visibility around the airport is very low.

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I was talking about the top right icon not the airport icon ^^

So the icon that has the exclamation point

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