Red weather symbol

12 and a half hours of flying and about an hour out of Hong Kong and the weather symbol turns red. Is been red for half an hour now. I’d hate to quit the flight this far in. What can I do??

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It happens from time to time. Just be patient.

Ensure you have a solid internet connection.

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Yeah happened to me too you just gotta wait it out usually and it fixes itself.

You can also turn on airplane mode, and then turn it off. It can help with restoring connection ;)!

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Also the server can have a hiccup sometimes and this can happen to multiple players so just wait it out and it will reconnect eventually.

It shouldnt really effect you (Unless you are low on fuel)…

The wind will just not be up to current minute/hour/day (It will be what it was before it went down)

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Unfortunately for me the wind is 131kts. I think I’m a pretty good pilot on IF but I don’t think I’m that good to be landing in those kinds of winds!


Thanks guys. I appreciate the quick response. I’ve tried turning my iPad into airplane mode and it hasn’t worked so I’ll try to just wait it out. Thank You. If anyone has any more suggestions feel free to comment them.

The winds are high at the altitude that you are at… But at the ground its probably 0-10 knts (Try an approach and if you need to go around… Go for it!)

I just spawned in to try to recreate another glitch and I noticed weather not connecting so no worries it will be back in no time. Have a great flight!

I’ll definitely try. I’m not letting 13 hours go to waste! Thanks for the response.


I’ve tried doing that 3-4 times now with no luck. I’ll keep trying though. Thanks!

Just try what I said and dont worry about it (The wind speeds are alot higher in the Pacific and at a high altitude… It will be lower at ground level)

I’m having this problem as well right now so I’m guessing it’s a problem with the servers.

All servers are experiencing this as the weather is through a certain program

Actually , I think the server is down. I am doing a group flight on training from KMEM-KDTW… It’s been red the entire flight. That might just be server down from lagg. (note: there’s 5 of us clustered)

This has happened before in global if I recall correctly I took around 30 minutes to get it back up so just sit back relax enjoy your Friday and it should be back up soon.

That doesnt mean that the server is down (Unless you wouldnt see them)…

The weather is down!! :|

I appreciate all the support I got! Weather symbol just turned green again! I can continue my last 45 minutes of fligh stress free and without worry! Thanks to all who helped.


Have A great Flight!