Red Tip American 737-800s

First let me preface that this is not about the Max

I have noticed some American 737-800s have red tips on their winglets. Does anyone know about these red tips on the 737s Since CLT is a Airbus superhub we don’t get Boeing aircraft from anyone often. Would anyone know anything about that.


Very nice!

Indeed very interesting.Doubt it is a mistake.I think might is intentional.Maybe to add more red on the planes.

Did a bit of research, turns out they are just for safety and visibility during ground ops


Hey Devon reason why some 73’s have some red dots has to do with the whole LUS AA thingy. Remember Charlotte was U.S Airways biggest hub. When AA merged with U.S Airways. U.S Airways had A 319’s, A 320’ A 321’s without Sharklets. A 33200’s A330’S. American had A 319’s with sharklets. A 321’s with sharklets, 757’s though U.S Airways had 75’s as well. AA also had 777 200’d and 300’s.

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According to a friend of mine who works in ORD he said it was a failed experiment at making the wingtips more visible at night and there just wasn’t a pint in painting them white again.

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He also mentioned that there are 10 of them and 1 a321 so if you want to catch them for fun coodos.

I saw one 3 days ago in los Cabos!!! @Devon_Mo_piedmont114

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sweet they haven’t been showing up in clt recently

They go where they are commanded to go

Maybe AA decided to dispatch them to go somewhere else
They will come soon as CLT is an AA hub so they are likely to return in the future

Now about SJC, that is more unlikely because AA is not big at SJC so…

CLT is an Airbus and CRJ super hub we get maybe 20 737 american planes a day. mostly in the morning and night from Orlando Chicago and other 737 hubs. I’m not complaining but I see they have indeed gone elsewhere.

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