Red skies, red fog

With the fires in the Western USA right now, and seeing all of the spotting pictures and general snaps of the sky being turned pure red (or orange). I think this would be a cool feature in IF to see, whenever there are fires or something going on to cause the sky and area to be red, it would make the IF skies and fog red to look like there’s fires in the area.

Here’s an edit I made. (Not asking to add the fire sparks, just the red background look)

That definitely looks like an awesome picture, nice work on that. Would this be for the time period currently? So just for the fires, if so I don’t think that would be possible, the devs probably wouldn’t push an update just for that. If you want a similar but more natural look. Make sure to change the time in the game to sunset or sunrise, you can get some awesome colors.


All it is is a color change in the skies, and literally just change the fog color so it would look like that. And yes, it would only look like that when there are actual fires in the area.

That would definitely be something hard to detect. (IF doesn’t have live technology to broadcast where the fires are) It would be a really awesome thing to have, just don’t think it’s possible.

It wouldn’t be a detector if it is that hard, a mod would just have to change the settings there if it’s that hard.

Oh, I’d imagine it’s a lot more than that.

Our fog is pretty broken right now.


true true true.

True. That may need to include an extra dataset to pay for by the IF team. Which potentially can increase prices, which is quite a push factor among becoming and existing players.
Plus, I wouldnt think moderators, let alone staff have control over the colour of the sky, which is already dictated by time and other factors.

At first glance I was like, ‘nah, it’d take way too much to implement that’, but then I actually thought about it and realized that METARs report smoke, so all that’d need to happen is for the game to recognize the FU part of the METAR report and tint the fog orange.

Admittedly I have no coding or game development experience, so I’m probably not the best person to judge whether or not it could be added lol

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You can kind of already do that. If it’s really foggy and it’s sunset or sunrise, it can look orange.

But, I do see your point.


Like @PilotDog said you can see this at airports in India but I do agree with what your saying and hopefully when metal and clouds come out better atmospheric conditions will be put in place. (imo I much rather see stuff like this added then camera angles… :)

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I think after the drone cams are released, camera angles will be done. That is a great feature to see anywhere you want. But yes, after metal this definitely deserves a good look!!

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