Red runways are NOT closed

Apparently, folks, those red runways are open, and not closed. ATC’s can send you there if they want. And, you’ll love this, they don’t particulary care what you think about it. I’d love to have a ‘boycot ALL green runways - use only red’ day to show how daft this ‘thinking’ realy is.
😜Hey, let’s see how many planes we can crash, and how many violations we can make people have as they are blown screetching accross the carpark at 80+ knots sideways as they try to takeoff and land… LOL

…don’t respond, I’m just having a dig. Am annoyed my thread was closed (unlike red runways) and yet I read in simmilar threads, simmilar issues and concerns. 🤔


A runway is okay to use if it is red and under 10 knots of wind.

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How about 13 knot cross wind with 20 knot gusts?

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I believe it’s 10 kts.

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That is okay to use but if there are other runways available ATC is more likely to use that.10 Knots of tail wind is a big no no

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Which is what I was directed to enter into… Ha! ATC’s discretion right! Lol

Oh dear @Snarling_Raven, leave it for a day or so before coming back to talk about it as your anger hasn’t gone away yet…

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That was on PG. Not all pg controllers are good. Your Cessna shouldn’t of been at KLAX anyway.

Laughing quietly, I know, I know… It one of my biggest darn problems… Just ask my wife… Lol

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Gusts are not report in the metar unless 10kts or more above the average, so your 13G20 is not something you would have seen.

Also crosswind limits are something like 40-50kts (not sure why you are first talking about tailwinds and then crosswinds?).

A 737’s tailwind limit is 10kts, up to 15kts in certain circumstances.

I disagree, it was a large semi commercial cesna, and they do fly out of KLAX regularly

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Sorry I thought you meant the 172

What aircraft did you use? C208? C750 (Citation X)?

you can get real time metar from a few sources. I’m pretty sure they use one as well.

I use aviationweather but I think METAR reports all across are all the same?

It was the 208

IF does use real metar reports I believe. However, real world metar reports do not report gusts unless 10kts or more above the average, so as I noted your 13G20 example is not something you would have seen in any metar report on IF or real world.

The same goes for green ones.
Just because a runway is green, that doesn’t mean you should land there.
Certain runways are only used in one direction in real life.
There are reasons for it. Just look at the airport layout and if ILS is available.


Yes Nat, the basic METAR’s are all the same, but some have more details, others decode them for you into semi-intelligible reports ( for the ‘deluded’ pilots like me LOL

Alex, a 20 knot gust at klax is not normal