Red Runway Showdown @ EHAM - 172000ZSEP16

The Infinite Flight Pictures Media Organization presents to you: The Red Runway Showdown!

Time: 2000-2100 ZULU on Saturday, September 17th.
Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Server: Training Server 2


For this event, the rules are simple.

  1. Each contestant will have a turn to land on a hopefully crosswind runway. If the weather for the event changes mid event, then we will switch runways or points will be compensated depending on weather conditions.

2. You will be awarded points from 1-10 by several judges. The points are based on general landing quality, flare quality, how fast you stop on the runway, and more. You are able to gain bonus points if you do one or more of the following:
---- Taxi on the center line to parking after you have finished landing
- Landing successfully without Flaps, spoilers, or both.
- Landing without a LANDING GEAR, yes, I said that. It is possible.
- If you land in worst weather than other contestants, then points will be compensated.

  1. When you join the event, start at any parking place, then be directed by ground and tower and takeoff the runway of their choice. You will then be directed into a holding pattern by the Approach Tower in which you will remain until it is your turn to land. Once stopped, proceed to parking.

  2. The person with the most total points wins. The top 3 people will be noted in a celebratory post and the 1st place winner will be offered an Executive Position at Pictures Media.


  • Have your Callsign be Con1-100 (Your number will be assigned in a PM Message when you sign up for this event in the reply section.)

-Make sure your display name is your forum name.

-Come in an A380-800 with the any livery. This is to make us know who is in the event and who isn’t.

Signing Up
Simply reply to this forum. You will be PM’d by me to confirm you are in the event and to assign you a callsign number. The landings will be called in number order starting at Con1, then Con2, etc.

If you have any questions free free to PM me or @SkyHighGuys!

Con1: @Neal_Jha
Con2: @Lars_Thorein
Con3: @Mubashir
Con4: @AdamCallow
Con5: @g100m
Con6: @anon93676386
Con7: @ODW
Con8: @Osman_Mohamed


Is this a event?

You’re a basic user therefore you cannot post in #live:events, you need to be a member.
Contact another PMO to do it.

This is an excellent example of a well-thought-out event. You’re actually not supposed to post in events until you’re a member, but I’ll let this one slip since you put a lot of thought and effort into this one. :)


Thank you Hekrik! Me and the rest of PMO have been planning this for a while. I really appreciate you moving this for me and letting it slip. :)

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@Henrik wow haha thank you so much! I told him to so anyone thinking he should not have done this I AM TO BLAME! I could have posted this but I wanted him to as he is my editor.
Anyways give this event a really good look! I’m sure it will blow your mind. Ever heard of a red runway landing? Ever get tired when your runway changes to red and you get hit by a 24 knot wind? Well today reverse all that…you WANT to get hit by 24 knots why? Because a prize is awaiting…not the usual sigh.

Special points to those who can land inverted with a 24 knot crosswind. Lol


Matt and myself will be taking tower! There will be several Youtubing staff as well as photographers from IFPM! Absolutely no trolling or disobeying allowed. Because there will be a minimum of three IFPM staff there, you will be “reported” if you are breaking rules.

But please comment below! The first person to sign up will be the first to takeoff and land, second will be second to takeoff and land, and so on! So first come first serves set ideals!

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)

Ok I’ll be there then. Everyone knows I’m the master of inverted landings 😏

Never mind it’s on training server… 😒

There is nothing wrong with training server on TS2

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There will be a group of patrolling IFPM staff who will be reporting any trolls

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You get aerobic menouvers violations and ghosts 😞 I’ve tried it…

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But you can still come can’t you? 😉 It will still be an exciting event

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Yeah, I’ll check my schedule. I’m pretty sure I can come.

Okay I’ll shoot you a pm with your call sign

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I can’t guarentee I can come, I am 75% sure I can.

I’ll mark you down as coming. You can attend in any A380 livery btw

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This event remains open for pilots throughout this week and closes recruitment on the 16th (the day before the event) please check out the thread and seriously consider it. I think you will have a “hairy” landing ;)

  • This event looks incredible
  • This event looks interesting
  • I can’t come :/

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Would love to do this, but my live expired. :(

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Cmon man pay five bucks and get live ;)

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