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Hello, on a airport in IF, let’s take KSFO, Runways 28L and 28R 1L 1R are most of the time green, and so of the Outher runways are red numbers, what do these mean, does it mean there are closed? If there is a meaning, please tell me!!! (Sorry for the bad English)

Green = Headwind, best for takeoff/landing

Orange = Crosswind, possibly but slightly risky takeoff/landing

Red = Tailwind, risky takeoff/landing, rarely used

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Green runways mean the winds favor this runway. Always land and take off from the green runways if possible.

Red runways do not mean closed runways. They mean the winds do not favor this runway. If you don’t have to, don’t land or take off from these runways.

Red runways do not mean closed.


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Red also does not mean severe crosswind, but a tailwind.

You edited it but it still isn’t really correct. Red runways are only an indication of wind, they have nothing to do with whether or not they’re closed or not. ATC determines which runways are closed, not wind.

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But just in case you were wondering, or for anyone who knows about SFO, SFO rarely uses anything but the 28’s for landing (with the exception of the 19’s) and usually uses the 1’s and 28’s for departures.

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For a second I thought the IFC was playing Red Light-Green Light but with runways. 🙃

I don’t really have anything to say that wasn’t said above.


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