Red rover, red rover send Russia on over. U.S clears Russian aircraft for open skies flight

Despite its many setbacks it looks as if Open Skies sorties may be becoming a possibility. The U.S. has just approved a Russian Tupelov 214 for open skies service. The Open skies treaty was formed some years ago while it never fully took off due to Russians not meeting aircraft standards negotiated in the treaty it appears now that the U.S. in good faith has reviewed and approved their aircraft for flight. Open Skies allows for each nation to fly over the others country and observe troop movements and arms control measures. I will definitely be keeping my eye to the sky and radar as we may see some new neighbors in our airspace here soon.

Image credit: File:Boeing OC-135B (717-158), USA - Air Force AN1165554.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Full article at: US reverses course, certifies Russian Open Skies aircraft


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I think it’s because it’s safer than having them fly without contacting ATC etc or would that not change?

A lot of issues here in Europe are due to them not using ATC causing fighter jets to be scrambled like this evening when the RAF and French scrambled Jets to intercept a Bear bomber so if that can be avoided it is a good idea.

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I can see the problem with no ATC contact. I do see this as a show of good faith on both the U.S. and Russias part. Open skies could potentially be a bridge building opportunity for both nations and might even ease tensions. I believe it was last year that a russian Tupelov flew over D.C. unexpectedly. I think more communication needs to happen on both ends as well as following airspace protocols. We should be long past these days of Cold War rhetoric and actions.

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Wait, does this mean that we could see some old Russian plane action in the future???

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Potentially yes,we could see at least the Tu-214 in U.S. air space much like they could see our modified 707 over there’s. Just a matter of time now.


I mean lets face it, they’re going to spy on us, and we are going to do the same. And with tge world climate right now I think that will be the case for a good bit. So if we knew when they were going to fo it, it could avoit alot of miscommunication, simlar to what @Chatta290 mentioned…

I absolutely agree , I think it creates transparency. Besides, we have orbiters to take care of most our surveillance needs as they do as well. Montitoring ground movements front the air is the oldest recon resources out there. Open Skies again in my opinion is really more so to me a means to show transparency and good faith. I am sure there are certain areas of our airspace that will be off limits much like it is to our own aviators. For example a place in the middle of the desert that exists but does not exist.


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