Red overspeed warning at 250 kts until 10,000 ft

Today, I made a stupid mistake where I blanked out and went to 350 kts below 10,000 ft but was paying attention to my flight plan instead of speed. But that made me think. We all know the overspeed sound when you overspeed at 350 kts, and the red bars like this: image
Well, what if that came in from takeoff to 10,000 at 250 kts for a reminder instead of having to remember even when you might be having an off day and then went up to 350 kts above 10,000 ft? This would help anyone who is having an off day or anyone new to the game! It would just help a little more.

Vote if you like this or if it would help!
If this is a duplicate, please tell me and I will get this closed. Please tell you honest opinion! This topic also goes with, but isn’t the same as Add audio alert to speed warnings

The red marks on the HUD airspeed indicator are aircraft specific, and part of the operating limitations of the aircraft. The 250kias under 10,000 is entirely different. This is a regulation that has and will always be in place. As a pilot, it is your responsibility to understand and follow this regulation.

EDIT: To clarify, an audio alert with the current violation warning could be good, but meddling in the aircraft operating limitations isn’t good. Those red marks show what the aircraft cannot do, structurally. They are not for what you should not do as the pilot.


Sorry to say but this topic is a duplicate make sure to add your vote here ⬇️

Not specifically the red bars which are aircraft specific for example the Dash 8 is different from the A320 but rather the sound to alert pilots

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This is totally different and I get his point as people who may not know the rules may just speed up till they see the red lines… Having the red lines at 249knts would definitely help the people training in the Training Server


Download infinite flight assistant and you get a voice warning before you hit any speed violation


You already get an over speeding warning when under 10k feet. Followed by 20 seconds then a violation, followed by 20 seconds, and so on. There are requests to add sound to those warnings along with being in external cameras.

So if someone is actually paying attention you are telling me they will pay more attention to the red dots than they do multiple messages at the stop informing them to slow down? At some point I fee pilots need to take some responsibility for their aircraft. Getting the violation is how you learn. It is up to the pilot if they forget that lesson or not.


This would be awesome!

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I think there should be some type of sound that lets u know that ur overspeeding instead of just a tiny silent warning at the top of the screen. If u were descending and u drifted off somewhere else, you would never know that u were overspeeding.

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The moral of this story is:
Pay attention below 10000’

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It’s always somebody else fault


it mostly happens when your descending and you forget to slow down before 10,000ft

Forgetting=not paying attention.

We’ve all done it-some more than others. I had TWO violations from when live was first released-(dunno how many years that was ago now) until this past November/December when I was messing around testing something and “forgot” to watch my speed under 10K and I hadn’t set the autothrust. I got two violations (for a total of 4) in the span of about a month-not enough to get knocked off expert, but definitely a dent to my ego and strengthen my resolve.

I’m not gonna complain or ask for the world to change the rules or the system-I’m gonna be more vigilant and careful about my speed.

What would be a good idea and something realistic along these lines is flap limiter bars or an FMC function that allows for 250 below 10K (or any speed to altitude) to be set.


If people set their speed on A/P like me

I do get where your getting at. I had never made the mistake until then. And honestly I agree with you. When I made this feature, I was more angry at myself that I, for only one time, wasn’t paying attention. I was also worried that it might happen again and thought it was smart and now looking at it, it might have been a stupid request. I took my vote off, but I see that someone still wants this, so I will keep it open. Thanks for your honest opinion though!

P.s. I was also in maps so I couldn’t see the warning well plus if you look at my topic for support, I had no clue until someone pointed it out. I felt stupid.

It’s not a stupid request-no requests are stupid-some aren’t thought completely out. This just needs to be maybe thought out a bit more. Flap limit speeds/an FMC with a speed limit etc.

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We all make mistakes and it looks that by mistaking we learn more, if we want to.
In real aviation pilots don’t get warnings for overspeeding under 10’000 and IF is a realistic copy of it. So, when I am flying I don’t want to be distracted by anything else. Blue skies

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