Red Nose Day! (Not actually lol)

So today since the featured airline was Norwegian Air Shuttle I decided to do a long-haul flight from Stockholm-Arlanda airport to Los Angeles airport. It was a good flight, until the end where I was on short-final and I crashed (as in my game crashed). But I did manage to retrieve some highlights from the flight, so I hope you enjoy!!

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: B789 (787-9)
Airline: Norwegian Air shuttle (Or Norwegian Air Sweden)
Callsign: Nor Shuttle 939
Flight Time: About 11h and 10mins approximately
Server: Expert

Lining up on Arlanda’s 19R!!

Departing the Stockholm airspace, climbing to cruise altitude. Meanwhile, a SAS A330 descending toward ESSA, after a long flight from KLAX

Skipping ahead we are in Western America! Over Salt Lake City, Utah the Wasatch mountains are in-sight, but some mist! (Specifically Twin Peaks).

A zoomed in tower view of the plane from KSLC (Salt Lake City airport). Also my first photoshop, adding a contrail.

Now descending into KLAX, wing left-view if the San Gorgonio mountain!

Now on final approach number 1 for runway 25L at KLAX! A United B739 (737-900 or -700 I don’t know) follows me as number 2.


Well dang son…these are some dank pictures😂


When it comes Christmas time I should fly around the north pole in this airplane and my Callsign will be RUDOLPH. Sure no one will see me but it will be awesome


These are just awesome. You need an award, the subtle yet amazing edits tie it all together, great job!


Imo some of the best of the day


THAT CONTRAIL PHOTO!! Wow how’d you do that?


Those are incredible: my favourite is the contrail one :)


‘Nor Shuttle 939’ is the callsign used for EKCH-ENGM. ESSA-KLAX is ‘Nor Shuttle 7087’


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oh thanks

I was using flight stats to figure out what the callsign would be for ESSA-KLAX but couldn’t find any, so I just borrowed the SAS callsign for the flight which was SAS 939

I used adobe photoshop!!!

very cool!

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That 5th picture…


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That are all amazing pictures! I love the 3d one most!

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oh ya forgot to mention, you also need an award!!!

For your REALLY unique photos (which for some reason happen to follow on as a trend)

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Thank you very much!!!

I’m loving 2 and 5!!

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Ok have a good trip with Rudolph the red nose Norwegian plane!

same!! personally like 2, 4 and 5 the best

@owen250708 im so sorry for tag but thank you!!!

sorry forgot to reply to you both

that looks like a close call. Radar red I assume?

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what you referring to?

picture #2

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oh no thats just angle, it was not too far from a collision though, but in that picture where we “intersect” each other, he’s actually about 5,000 feet below me