Red marked runways use

Hello all the community.

For a long time that I control the air traffic on Infinite Flight, I noticed that there is a lot of pilots (especially guard 2 and even 3), which hardly repect any rule on the Training Server.

Today I checked at KJFK with runways 13L, 4L, 13R and 4R out of service (marked in red) despite that there were some pilots who took off and landed on these tracks even when I ordered them to join the tracks in services .

I think the Infinite Flight team needs to think of a way to enforce at least the runway usage rule on the Training Server (since ATIS is not available on this server).

I propose that the voluntary use of red marked runways, whether for take-off as well for landing, is now considered a violation.
This will greatly help the Trainers controllers.

What do you think ?

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These runways are not closed, they’re just not ideal for landing due to wind and other factors.

It doesnt take away the fact that you were using the other end and ignorance ruined your experience.


Unfortunately since it’s training server there’s not much you can do for those who don’t follow your instructions. It’s a place for pilots to train. 🙂



The red marked runways show that there is a tailwind or crosswind that might cause some difficulty when landing/taking off.

Pilots can use WHICHEVER side they want if they’re on unicom and the side that the controller issues, if the airport has ATC.


I read somewhere from a moderator that if a pilot consistently trolls on Training server, screenshot their details and send it to a Mod. They can sort it out I think. Not sure 100%


Since these runways are not ideal for taking off or landing, it would still be better for the pilots to learn to use favorable ones.
Also considering that everyone is training to be able to fly on the expert server, to follow the instructions of the ATC when it is opened, is still the least things.
An error like this on the expert server would have simply value a ‘’ GHOSTING ‘’.

Not really? IFATC uses red marked runways more often than many think from what i’ve seen a few times, if it’s busy they won’t do a runway change. Landing on red mark runways tests pilots. Go to slow, you’ll crash. Don’t straighten up on landing well you’ll be drifting. Red mark runways are a better challenge for new pilots. And in training people are just trying to land. They don’t care. In expert you listen to atc or get ghosted.


Realistically speaking, that idea is wrong, in real life you take off and land on the same end of the runway, otherwise if you were to takeoff and land on different ends of the runway, you would have a collision with oncoming traffic.

I’m confused, what point are you referring to? Can you please qoute it?

Red marked runways are never closed. no runways are closed. Red means tail wind, or crosswind. Could end up causing a bad/crash landing. You can use red marked runways without ATC as long as there isn’t any traffic taking off the opposite side of the runway.
EGLL example. If 9R is red, and you are going to land there, and a plane is taking off from 27L go around and make approach for 27L. If no traffic, you can land on 9R. BUT If there’s atc. Listen to what they say:)


Yes, that’s exactly what I said :D

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i didn’t read up, sorry :)

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If you would like to try to make an actual change here, @Nadjib_Idohou, I suggest you make this a features request. If you are serious, I’d do that. If you aren’t, this is a great place for discussion. Completely your choice. Love the topic!!

The most important thing is to look at what everyone else is doing.

If everyone were using the 13s, don’t use the 31s. Same for the other pair.

Last time IFATC was at Sydney, the 34s had been in use all day, suddenly the METAR switch to a relatively weak 5 knot crosswind which made the 16s orange/yellow. There wasn’t an active tower (they had just closed not 5 minutes before), but there was an active Approach controller, who obviously wasn’t going to turn 20 planes around for the 16s over a slight crosswind breeze.

If you’re on the ground with Approach actively vectoring all landings to the 34s, it’s not advisable to try to take off 16s just because they’re not red. You’re taking off directly into the face of oncoming traffic, and that’s a lot worse than whatever “danger” comes from taking off on a red runway.

(This is actually even more frustrating when all runways are green. A runway being green doesn’t mean you get to pick. There’s still a traffic flow, and it should be followed.)

They’re just visual aids, not ATIS, not out-of-service signs. The most frustrating ones are those 5 knot crosswinds. METARs need to be read. If there are runways which are 18/36, and the wind is 270 @ 5 knots, guess what? The tailwind component on each is the same. IF has to pick one side to make red, but that doesn’t alter the math.


Thanks, I think I will do that. It’s fact that Infinite Flight is a simulation game, but it’s so realistic that we need to do our best to respect rules.
I will request it.

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It’s very helpful, thanks very much

It is less important on the training server where people commit all manner of unrealistic conduct. The colour codes are simply there as a guide for them to learn.
On expert this is for sure something the controllers should enforce and keep active runways correct according to wind conditions, as landing/taking off with tailwind is highly unrealistic and dangerous in real life.

Again, there are plenty of situations where this is not the case.

Many fields have SOPs which state that a certain runway configuration is to be used until the tailwind component is greater than 10 knots, for example. Also remember, that the tailwind component is not always the full value of the wind. If the wind on runway 18 is 290 @ 10, the tailwind component isn’t that full 10 knots just because 36 is red now. (Tailwind component is actually about 3.4 knots.)

Fields like PHNL or PHTO which have terrain concerns utilizing the opposite configuration will obviously switch less easily.

We also consider TAFs. For example, I opened OMDB over the weekend. The current METAR and all but one TAF suggested 12s, with one random TAF suggesting 30. I wasn’t going to flip everything around for 5 minutes because of a color change. This isn’t “unrealistic.” It’s an arduous process changing runways, especially when every indication is that it will switch right back, which it did after 10 minutes.


Not commenting on any Training Server issue, but just a small thing I (as a pilot on expert server flying as realistic as I can) most value from ATC is if they check the current runway use on Flightradar24 or similar, as sometime airports do use different runways then those favoured by wind conditions!


Basically remember what @Tim_B says here;

… and in his whole post!

If there isn’t traffic, and the pilot wants to land on a tailwind or crosswind runway, why not? If the controller instructs a different runway and the pilot doesn’t comply, that’s one thing. I’ve done it before. It’s not like the runway is closed, it’s just not ideal given the wind.

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